Tips From Ireland's Top Creatives To Make Your Quarantine A Little Easier...Virtual Design & DIY

Hello Friday!

I'm back again with the last post in this little mini-series. What did you all think of it? Did you try any of the tips suggested? If you, did please let me know. I would love to see what you all got up too :)

Today we are going to be looking into more interior design tips from the lovely Rebecca of design house Hedgeroe Home including some virtual interior design which I love! We are also going to look at more DIYs from Aisling of Vintage Hill Cork. Yay!

So let's get right into it and as always Enjoy xx

The Importance of Colour & Virtual Interior Design with Rebecca Roe from Hedgeroe Home

Virtual Interior Design:

We have launched our virtual interior design service and with most of us at home I think we are all looking carefully at our spaces and wondering if we are using it to its full potential. Our new virtual service will help our clients get the best use of their spaces.

Click here to see Hedgeroe Home's virtual interior design service

Working From Home:

For the majority of us Covid-19 has altered our home/work landscape hugely. Besides the usual good advice for setting aside time for breakfast away from your work area, there are a few do's and don’ts.

Dedicate a room or area within a room for a work desk, close to natural light if possible.

Pay attention to the wall behind you if you do a lot of conference calls. Keep personal family photos or very personalised Artwork out of view of your PC.

Also do not have a door in view of your PC as children may enter unexpectedly during a conference call.

Nominate a time-slot where you will not be interrupted. With schools off and in some cases all members of a family at home, it is best to put clear rules in place from the start. 

Colour: It might be worth painting a temporary home office. Colours that don’t work for productivity are red, green, navy and yellow.

Colours that work best for your office:

1: Bedroom Office - Warm Whites.

Benjamin Moor’s "Simply White” , Down242 by Little Green or “Pointing” by Farrow and Ball in an eggshell finish is not clinical but looks warm and fresh.

We generally set aside an area in a bedroom for a desk, often substituting a small freestanding desk for a bedside table. Bedrooms make great sharing partners for a home office as generally it is the adults sanctuary in homes with children.

2: Dining or Sitting Room Office - Blue-Greys.

In the corporate world these colours give a boost to a backdrop and look smart and business like. ‘Silver Mist” by Benjamin Moor or “Silent Path” by Colourtrend for a deeper tone, (this is one of my "go to” colours).

We have found that built in desk/storage area is the best solution for formal rooms. This stops the work area spilling into the rest of the room and allows for some hidden storage. Wood (walnut or oak) solid or veneer looks extremely smart with blue/grey colours. Keep shelving uncluttered. We love fabric at the back of bookcases, it shows off books and collections beautifully.

3: Box Room or Storage Area -Browns.

In a space that needs to feel powerful and strong, brown is brilliant. In a small room with little light, I will use the deepest warmest colours as it blurs the true size of a room. Shelving can be painted same colour as walls. 

“Wainscot” by Farrow and Ball is a plummy brown while “Sultry Castle” by Colourtrend has a softer greyish tone. “Tudor Brown” by Benjamin Moore in eggshell is a masculine very deep brown. 

Furniture & Decor:

A vibrant rug and formally grouped artwork always works with deep colours. Besides the desk lamp, lighting the shelves in a bookcase and recessed pinspots that direct onto artwork create a focused luxury office space.

Chose a chair with good support. I use our own Paris chair upholstered in Fermoie figured linen at the bedroom dressing table/desk. 

A work desk can be tiny or large, just keep it uncluttered. I really love Hedgeroe’s Maroubra study table in shell white with beaten bronze handles.

Office Furniture & Decor from Hedgeroe Home

Get a good task light, the Rexel ActiVita Daylight strip + lamp id €178 from Hunt Or splash out on the Dyson CSYS task light. Pay special attention to the bulb. 

The light source must have a high color temperature, since it will be used for a working space. White light is required, which means colour temperature should be 4,000 K or higher. A high color temperature enhances concentration and productivity - low color temperatures cause relaxation and even