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Style So Simple's Guide to Hanging Lighting Part 1...

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Heyyy everyone Happy Friday!

Have you guys got plans for the weekend? Myself, Barry and Flump are heading to Limerick to see his family so I am super excited! It's actually so so nice that we can travel around Ireland again and I am finding these mini-trips really feel like holidays! What are you guys up to for the weekend?

So for the Interiors guys this week I said I would look at lighting and give a little guide on where to hang different feature lighting for the best impact :) Today I am going to look at the kitchen and the dining area and next week I will look at hallways and living rooms. :)

I have added some shopping links too so you guys can recreate the looks...Yay! There are a few investments pieces in there so I have added economical (Budgeting Barry's fave word) options too where I could :)

So guys sit back relax, read and as always Enjoy!!! xxx


  • Allow between 75cm to 100cm from the top of the island or kitchen counter to the bottom of the feature lights.

  • When hanging three or more lights try to allow 60cm between each light.

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  • Adding wall lights is a great way to add a beautiful ambience in a kitchen area especially if you cant have a statement light.

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  • If possible leave a minimum of 75cm between lights when hanging two above an island.

  • When hanging on an island leave a minimum of 15cm to each edge of the island.

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  • For a single pendant, centre the pendant from the centre of the island.

  • Try to allow 80cm between lights when placing above the sink area.


Where to hang your feature lighting?

With vaulted ceilings, the best place to hang your feature or pendant lights is from is the centre beam.

But with lovely open plan areas, this is not always possible. It is also completely fine to hang the lighting above your kitchen counter, island counter or dining table.

What about Height?

For average ceiling heights, we hang lighting between 75cm to 100cm above the kitchen worktops or dining tables. In a higher or vaulted ceiling, we add 8cm for every additional 30cm of ceiling height.


  • Allow between 75cm to 100cm from top of the table to the bottom of the feature light.

  • Leave at least 15cm from the light and the end of each side of the table.

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  • Try to leave at least 15cm from the light and the end of each side of the table.

  • Always centre your feature light.

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Soooo lovelies what did you think of the lighting guide? I hope you have gotten some inspiration and tips :)

Let me know if you plan to use any of the ideas or products I actually love to hear what you are all up to in your interiors :) xxx

Style So Simple - Aoife xxx


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