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Style So Simple's Guide to Hanging Lighting Part 2...

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Heyyy Lovlies,

Its FRIDAY!! So excited for the weekend and I actually extra love Fridays now. I have started scheduling all my virtual consultations for Fridays which I love! It's such a nice way to start the weekend by chatting and actually seeing(virtually) clients. Then tomorrow I am heading to Woodies to get some bits to do a little revamp in my apartment. So super excited for this and really hoping the lovely budgeting Barry helps me with the assembly :D

Sooo I promised I would draft a Part 2 to my lighting guide. This week I am looking at lighting tips for the living room and hallway :) I got some great questions from you guys via Instagram so hopefully this helps you :)

If you would like to take a look at The lighting Guide Part 1 click here :) It has some tips and design schemes for kitchens and dining areas :)

Anyways let's get right into it lovelies and as always ENJOY xxx


  • Try to keep your pendant light 210 cm from the bottom of the pendant light to the floor.

  • If you have high ceilings add between 6-7cm of height for each foot of ceiling above 8ft.

Natural Options...

Simple Hallway Pendant...

  • If possible leave a minimum leave a minimum of 75cm between multiply hanging pendant lights.

  • Leave a minimum space of 15cm between the entrance door to the bottom of the pendant light.

Statement Hallway Pendants...

  • For darker hallways adding in wall lights will create a warm ambiance. Always use warm lights not cool, and preferably have your lights on a dimmer switch.

  • Place wall lights 150 cm above the floor.

  • If your hallway is long and narrow try to allow about 250 cm to 300 cm between the lights.

  • Allow approximately 120 cm between the pendant light and the front door. This is for both a visual effect and ease of access :).


  • For wall lights placed beside artwork or photos try to allow 15 cm to 25 cm between the wall lights and the artwork or photos.

  • For wall lights or picture lights above artwork allow 10 cm to 15 cm between the picture/wall light and the artwork.

Statement Living Room Pendants......

  • Allow 185 cm from the bottom of the pendant light to the floor.

  • If you are placing your pendant light over a coffee table allow 92 cm from the bottom of the pendant to the top of the coffee table.

  • Allow between 150 cm to 170 cm from the bottom of a wall light to the floor.

Where to place your floor lights or table lamps?

A simple trick is to place your floor lamps in any corners that are dark and need a little TLC. Alternatively, both floor lamps and table lamps are task lights, so placing them both by armchairs of sofas for added light when reading or scrolling insta is also ideal :)

Wall Light Options...

Sooo what did you guys think? Also what would you like my next blog to be about? I was thinking a lighting guide for the bedroom and bathroom? Might be a good way to round off this lighting series? I would love to know what you guys think :)

You can let me know in the comments below or you can also let me know on insta :)

Thanks for reading everyone and have a fab weekend :)

Style So Simple - Aoife xxx

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Sangeetha vv
Sangeetha vv
Mar 26, 2021

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