Tips From Ireland's Top Creatives To Make Your Quarantine A Little Easier - Interior Design.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hello All

What a Monday it is! We are in a time that everyone is being affected by Covid 19. At this moment my partner is flying his last flight with Stobart Air for the foreseeable future. We are all in a situation that we could never have imagined. Whether you are looking at job loss or find yourself stuck at home with a large family, children to entertain or a couple now working from home. We are all affected. So I wanted to do a post that would give us all little bit of break from the current chaos we find ourselves in.

I have gathered some of Ireland's top Interior Designers, Architects, Sustainability Designers, Homemakers, DIY Gurus, Bloggers & Creators! You name it I got it boo. To bring you and myself :) some much-needed headspace with tips on what we can do in our homes right now to make this situation a bit easier for ourselves. As I have had such amazing feedback and contributions from everyone I am breaking this up into a mini series that I will publish throughout this week.

I also want to say a big big thank you to all that contributed to this blog post. I contacted everyone on Friday asking to get involved and the quick response and feedback I received from these lovely creatives made me smile :). So Thank you xx

This is a long one you guys with tips from interiors to baking! Everything you need to entertain yourself during this time of solace when the Netflix runs dry :) So grab your cuppa pop your feet up and enjoy what this talented bunch have to share with us. :) Lots of tips and even some nice words of encroachment. Ahh just what we need right?

I hope this brings a little light to your situation today and stay safe xx

Design Tips From Some of Ireland's Top Interior Designers That Can Help Us In Our Homes Right Now.

1: The Power of Space & Zoning with Roisin Lafferty of Kingston Lafferty Design

This is undoubtedly a new chapter for all of us. Try and look at your home with fresh eyes.

Start by de-cluttering or stripping your main spaces back.

Look at the artwork, decorative objects, such as lamps, loose chairs, mirrors and styling items that you already have, and create deliberately styled areas. Simply by repositioning things in a different way, in a different room, can make a space feel fresh and new.

If you can get your hands on any paint, look at adding fun elements to brighten your spaces. Choose colours that you gravitate towards and that bring a smile to your face. These are the spaces that you will be spending more and more time in; make them positive and calming environments.

How can interior design help us right now in our homes during this time?

I am always talking about the importance of home and the power space can have on our attitudes and behaviours. Never before have our homes been under such pressure and demand from families. Focusing on the space around you will make you aware of how it can best frame your current lifestyle.

Many homes are now busier than they have ever been with multiple people using the same room and on each others toes. The demands on the space are going to be increased dramatically. Keeping a level of calm is important where possible.

Try to zone your activities within the home. Make sure you use specific spaces for specific things, so that subconsciously you feel like there is structure in your day. Take your time with each task, make your new home office the office. Try and avoid eating meals at your new desk, even if that desk is also the kitchen table... consciously stop, clean up your desk at lunch time, prepare your meal and clean up before reopening your office.

The same should be done for kids. As toys start to spill into every room and homework onto all surfaces, try to contain certain activities and deliberately set the different scenes throughout the day and the evening. There is less contrast between week days and weekends, so try to create a different atmosphere and environment at weekends, by putting work out of site and deliberately changing things around.

2: Layouts & Styling with Geri O'Toole Glynn of Geri Designs.

In these uncertain times our homes are our safe space to stay healthy and adhere to social isolation. We can all feel apprehensive about the future. Having a home or a space in your home that you really love improves your mood and it’s great for your well being. If there is a space in your home that you love that’s well designed and well organised with the right lighting and colour scheme it can sooth the soul and it will be a place you want to spend time in.

An interior design tip people can do in their homes right now : rearrange furniture - it’s a great time when you have a lot of spare time at home to play with your furniture layouts and styling in certain areas. It’s a great way to spend a few hours shifting furniture around and considering what looks better in other areas. It’s a free way to get a new look and see how a new layout might work for you.

3: Your Home is Your Sanctuary with Lauren & Louise of North Design

Our homes are spaces that we would normally refer to as our sanctuary, a space where we relax, feel safe and unwind with family and friends. Today, this testament is being challenged with our homes having to cater for all our daily needs and more - a family hub, day time office, a children's playground and our ‘night out, in’. These are challenging times for all, but at NORTH we believe through interior design you can help your home cater to this unexpected situation we find ourselves in. 

Space is going to be the key factor in your home right now, defining each space and what that space is to be used for is very important especially if you are working from home with children off school. For example if you are working from home to allocate a room or area in your home which is for work only. Set this space up as best as your can to mirror to your office set up, this familiarity will ground you and make it easier for you to work from home with less distractions. Also, it's important to make it known to the family that this is your area for work and is out of bounds. This will help to avoid any disruption even when not in use.