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Q & A with Ireland's Phonebox Man & Interior Tip's To Make Your Quarantine A Little Easier......

Hello, Lovelies and happy hump day :) Today I am sure we all have our eyes and ears glued to the TV and Radio in the hopes that the current restrictions will be lifted for us after Sunday. With the fab weather we expect to get this week being inside is getting a little harder I know. But we really do have to; staying in is saving lives :) Anyways today is the final post in my Interior Design Quarantine mini-series and I am chatting with Paul Murphy also known as Phonebox Man :) I wanted to finish this series with Paul as Paul is one man who really knows the power of craft and design, both for enjoyment and mental health. In 2016 Paul, unfortunately, lost his job of 30 years. Yup 30 years! Obviously, after this, Paul felt quite low and a little lost. Until one day he came across an old phone box that needed repair. Paul took on the challenge of restoring it and the act of crafting and giving this little phone booth a new lease of life gave Paul something to get up and do everyday & it uplifted him hugely. I remember when I read Paul's story a few years back. I thought it was so so lovely that firstly Paul was restoring something that we have otherwise forgotten and brought back its beauty but also that crafts, art, DIY whatever you like to call it can really help someone in a super hard time in their life. So I think that there is no better man to chat too in our own tough time and let's see if we can get any tips or inspiration on what we can do in our home to keep us all a little uplifted and small bit busy :)

Que: Can you tell us some Interior Design tip's people can do in their homes during the lockdown period?

When I decide to do up a room, I look at all aspects. From the floor to the ceiling. Now is the time to do everything. Replace skirting, install lighting or put in a new floor. All are achievable, I’ll even put in new stud walls!

Tip: Wall lights and extra sockets can be very useful to add when the room is pulled asunder.

After installing oak parquet on the entire downstairs, I have started sanding and oiling floors upstairs. I needed to replace some damaged floorboards, but it ends up being an inexpensive, hardwearing and surprisingly warm floor. It will obviously take substantially longer to work a room, but well worth the effort.

I had a recent DIY disaster plaster-boarding a wall in my bedroom. Worth a look in my IG highlights, if you need a laugh. Click below to see Pauls comical plasterboard disaster :)

Que: How can Interior Design help us in our home during this tough time?

Stress levels are high at the moment and they will get worse. I’m not embarrassed to say I have shed a tear or two watching the news and predictions of what is ahead for us with the Covid19 virus. Interior design can help our physical and mental health over the coming weeks and months.

Pick a room that needs to be designed and involving the whole family, where possible, in the process. A lot of companies will deliver, so there is no need to go in-store. Carlow Paint Hub will do colour consultations over video call and deliver to your home for free.

The whole family can help with prepping and painting. It’s good family therapy. Even those responsible for our children’s education are saying this is as important as the school curriculum. Then there is the satisfaction and comfort of having a beautiful room to enjoy when the project is complete.

Que: What was the last Interior project you did?

The last big Interior design Project I completed was my hall, stairs and landing. I extended the reclaimed Oak Parquet floor into the hall and sanded and stained the stairs and landing to match. I up-cycled five old drum cymbals into a large light chandelier for the landing. I am particularly happy with this creation

Finally, what are your interior plans for the coming weeks?

I have started doing up my bedroom. I’ve sanded and oiled the floor and I’m making new birch ply doors on the wardrobes. We are going to start a big job on the back garden and I have an old Irish Phonebox to restore. I’m definitely going to stay busy

Oh my God do you think I could sneak you to Cork to knock a wall or two in my tiny apartment :)

I hope you all enjoyed this little post from Paul and found some inspiration in it :) If you would like to keep up with Paul check out his Instagram here.

Stay Safe, Style So Simple - Aoife xxx


Quarantine is a tough word for those active peoples. Suddenly have to plan what to do even one hour or next. Myself always like to move, to touch, to feel, to look and to listen in every moments in my life. Now is the best time for me to slow down my life tempo and do something creative by my own hand and mind...... Its a meditation in the process making DIY decor and the end result is happiness 😊

I did this lately because I am missing someone that I couldn't get to meet him for now so I turn his hand into a piece of home decor lighting. I spend almost 3.5 hours to made it....and I am…

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