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Tips From Ireland's Top Creatives To Make Your Quarantine A Little Easier...DIY, Baking & Fitness

Happy Wednesday Everyone...

I hope you are all keeping well and safe :) So we heard last night in Ireland that we are going to be staying inside for a little while longer. So let's keep these 'Tips From Ireland's Top Creatives ' coming I say!

Today we are chatting with some of Ireland's creatives to give you everything from Interiors to fitness inspo... Yup FITNESS! When I started this little blog never did I think I would be adding fitness to the bunch :) :) lol...But I want to do what I can to give you guys at home some ideas for headspace and entertainment during this trying time we are in :) I might even try the baking myself tonight.. haha watch this space :) :)

So once again friends grab your cuppa, sit down and chill with some of Ireland's best creatives and as always enjoy xxx

Design, Fitness, Working From Home Tips and even Baking...

Design, DIY and Baking with Paul Kinsella from Life At No. 2

For me I think a lot of interior design is navigated now by taste, what people see and the pantone of the year. Sharing ideas on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest is great way to take the best bits and add them to your own space. For me there is 2 things I LOVE in a space; Plants & Mirrors. I think both are key to helping create a more living and spacious feel to rooms.

Get Green With It!

There's a good chance there will be a plant or flowers in just about every insta home pic you scroll across now.  Plants and flowers are an easy way to add color to a room and don’t always have to cost a fortune. You can get fresh flowers now from the likes of Lidl or Aldi for as little as €2.99  Succulents are also a great way to add some texture and colour into your room and if your like me they are hard wearing because I ALWAYS for get to Water them! TOP TIP: For fresh flowers make sure you cut stems at a 45 degree angle and at a capful of bleach to the water! This helps them stay fresh for longer!

Clear the clutter!

We are all OBSESSED with space ! You know it, I know it so why do we clutter! LOL! Fear not, we all have that drawer that you would never show to someone!! Everything should have a place in your home and this is the main start to your clutter free house!  Your fork lives in the cutlery drawer and im sure you don’t leave them lying around the house so why do we have bits all over the house that don’t belong where they are!  If you have book cases or shelves try mixing textures, introduce a plant? Why not mix horizontal stacks of books with vertical rows.

Bonus tip:  Painting a select few books in one colour adds to a cohesive look and gives an extra level to your styling.

''If anyone is bored of their rocker at home I have loads of easy baking bits that you can make the kids do while you supervise and watch on my highlights! Stay Safe and Stay Styling!'' Paul.

Or why not look at Paul's DIY's? He has a little tutorial to make personalised coasters. A super perfect gift for parents or grandparents and easy for kids to try xx

Interior Design Tip with Bronagh Fleming of Fox Hollow Style:

We are spending more time at home, so move some key pieces around to keep your eye from getting fatigued. I am not suggesting playing musical chairs or changing things around every day, but have a look at what you have and what you love. Are some favourite pictures or prints getting lost on a gallery wall? Give them a space of their own,  Re-position accent chairs. Grab a favourite vase from the back of the cupboard and fill it with daffodils. Swap around cushions and throws. Small changes like these can deliver so much impact."

Fitness and Working From Home Tips with Rachael Taylor Fawsitt of Lovely To Meet Me

Working from home

My top tip for working from home is to stick to your normal routine, as much as possible. That means getting dressed, having your breakfast, logging on to your computer at the proper time, taking your FULL lunch hour (or however long you get) and finishing when you're meant to. It is surprisingly easy to get sucked into working out of hours when you're at home, however rest is as important as productivity, so once it's time to switch off - make sure you do.

Bonus tip: I've figured out that working in total silence really doesn't work for me after years in a busy office. If you miss the buzz and noise, I'm finding podcasts and the radio really helpful. If I'm working on something that needs a lot of concentration, I'll switch to a chilled music playlist.

Exercising at home

Why not use this time to try something new? I've always wanted to be a runner, I loved the idea of being able to throw on my trainers and get a workout in - any place, any time. However, it wasn't until we were forced into these unknown times, that I really decided to give it a go.

The Active Couch to 5k app is an amazing tool to use if you want to start running, it starts you off nice and easy and over time, works you up to running 5k. As well as being great for your fitness, getting out of the house and into the fresh air for 30 minutes is going to help keep your mental health on track during this difficult time.

Bonus tip: If running isn't your thing, then there are plenty of online home workout available. For example, Yogilibrum, a yoga studio in Laois, are running all their regular classes live on their Facebook group now. I've found joining a live class helps me feel connected and part of the community, even though we're not in the room together.

Virtual Yoga...

I hope you have got something nice out of todays post guys and I really hope you are all doing well and safe. Tomorrow we will be chatting with more of Ireland's creatives from Norma from The House That Will to Dublin gal Lynn from My Old Brand New home... Excited!!!

Stay Safe and again in the words of Paul Kinsella Stay Styling :) I wanna steal that tag line from him hehe xxx

Style So Simple - Aoife xxx


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