Round Their Gaff To Yours - DIY's To Make Your Quarantine A Little Easier - Part 1.

Hello lovelies happy humpday and April Fools!

So we are really in the midst of this whole quarantine/lockdown now and I am so thankful to have my little online outlets. I hope you are all keeping well and have settled into a comfortable home routine.

If you read last weeks 'Tips From Ireland's Top Creatives To Make Your Quarantine A Little Easier' you will properly have noticed that the lovely foursome from Round Our Gaff are here with me this week to give us all some much welcomed DIY tips and tricks that we can all do in our home right now. Yay!

Today Joanne Condom and Darran Heaney will be taking over and on Friday we will have Katrina Carroll and Joanne Mooney over for some tips xx

So setback grab your tea, coffee or paintbrush and enjoy xxx

Mini Upcycle with Joanne Condon

Looking at all those empty containers around the house? I will show you how to turn a tin that you could have thrown out into a handy pen holder magnet!

I tend to keep certain things in case I think if an idea to upcycle it into something different. I love something that would have been discarded into something that looks cool and useful. One of my favourite tins is this mustard tin and on the plus side I have had a real thing for mustard lately! I had this tin in my home studio and I came across the magnets I bought but you can also recycle some old magnets you no longer like or use.

So here is your quick DIY tutorial, if your tin is larger you will more that likely need more magnets on the back so it doesn’t slide down your fridge when you out a pen in.

What you need:

  • Old tin container

  • Magnets

  • Super Glue


1.Clean down your old tin.

2.Add a dab of glue onto the back of each magnet.

3.After gluing place the magnets with glue side down onto your tin. (be careful not to touch the glue)

4.Leave to dry fully, and place it on your fridge and be the envy of all your friends and never look for a pen in your kitchen again!

Create A Gallery Wall with Darran Heaney of Old Victorian New

My suggestion for a DIY people can do now in their homes under the current circumstances is a Family/Friends Gallery Wall. We all have so many images on our mobile phones, but people seldom get them printed. 

What you need: