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Tips From Ireland's Top Creatives To Make Your Quarantine A Little Easier......

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday :)

How is the week going for you so far? Did anyone try any of the Interior Design Tip from our lovely contributors yesterday?

I did! I moved my furniture around and have now converted my balcony into a little yoga hub! How exciting, I feel like a pro already!

Anyways today we are going to be chatting about Architectural tips with Courtney McDonnell along with tips on wellbeing and sustainability during this time with Hana Jarrar of Beo Glas Designs.

So guys sit back grab the tea and give your head a much-needed break and let's see what advise these lovely ladies have for us.

An Architect’s Tips to Designing a Healthy House

5 Tips From The Fabulous Courtney McDonnell of Courtney McDonnell Studio

1: Find the Light

Plenty of us are now working remotely and so temporary offices are being set up in homes across the country. Find a space near a window to situate your desk or table, somewhere where there is good natural light as well as natural ventilation.

2: Bring the Outside In

If you are taking a walk, pick up some wild flowers and add these to your desk along with a nice scented candle and create a space you will be happy to work in for the coming weeks. Daffodils, now in bloom, are a cheerful and easy way to brighten things up, while leafy plants and foliage will breathe fresh air into your space.

3: Remove the Office at Weekends

When working from home it is very important to separate your weekday setup from your weekend setup. There are plenty of us who will have created temporary home offices in our kitchen or dining spaces. Every Friday evening, take 15 minutes to remove all your office equipment, desks & files out of the room and store away for the weekend. This will allow you to completely relax on your days off and you won’t be reminded of work every time you enter the room.

4: Set House Goals

Set yourself a house related goal every day or once a week. This might be something small such as clearing out a junk drawer or watering your house plants or something large like painting a room to give it new life. There are plenty of painting & decorating stores with an online presence so delivery is still an option. In our busy lives, these house related chores are often put on the long finger and so use this time to tick plenty of house items off the list.

5: Use your Garden as Another Room

Spring has sprung and our gardens may become even more important in the weeks ahead as we continue to social distance. Treat your garden, balcony or patio as another room. Clean it up and clear it out and introduce some soft furnishings, furniture, lanterns/candles and plants to create an extension of your living room. Paint a garden wall and hang some fairy lights, or turn a watering can or some old Wellington boots into a vase and fill with some wild flowers. I love seeing gardens with repurposed interior items taking centre stage. Old antique mirrors in a garden reflect sunlight and greenery beautifully.

Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing During This Time

5 Tips from Sustainable Interior Architect Hana Jarrar of Beo Glas Designs

1: You will probably notice an increase in your energy bills with all members of your family being home much more than normal.  Some tips to elevate this are:

  • Turn the lights off when you leave a room.  

  • Utilize natural daylight where possible. Try to set your desk or work station up near a window to utilize the daylight.  This will not only help with your energy bill, but also your overall wellbeing.  Soaking up rays, even from inside improves mood.  

  • Make a pot of tea instead of just a cup.  You are probably drinking a lot more tea now that you are home.  Boiling the kettle every time you want a cup, uses more energy than boiling a full kettle and making a pot.  Put a tea cosy over the pot and enjoy all the tea.

  • If you're feeling a bit restless, you can walk around the house looking for all those pesky drafts that are letting heat out.  Drafts can account for about 25% of heat loss.  Doors are normally the biggest culprit of drafts.


2: With us all being aware and washing our hands more, we are using a lot more water.  Depending on your tap, you could be using up to 6 liters per minute (potentially more).  Even though we get a lot of rain in Ireland, it is still important to try to reduce our water use.  Remember how quickly we went into a drought Summer 2018?  While you're sudsing up and singing 'Happy Birthday' to yourself, turn off the tap and then turn it back on to rinse off your hands.  

3: Don't forget to open windows, especially with this near spring time weather we are having.  We should all be making sure to bring in natural air and ventilate our homes in the best of times, but with the anxiety around us now, fresh air and sunshine can do wonders to your mental health and in turn your interior environment.

4: Try to bring a plant or two inside, preferably where you have your home office or are working from.  Plants help to filter the air, and also add a bit of life to your space.  Plants such as lady palms, english ivy, spider plants and peace lilies are excellent for indoor use, however for the time being, any little tree or flowering plant can help to uplift your space.

5: Get some fresh flowers and put them in a vase to add some extra cheer to your space.  Your favorite color will make you smile and remind you of the beauty in life while you are indoors.

I hope you have gotten some good tips from the talented ladies above :)

Tomorrow we are going to be chatting with the fabulously stylish Paul Kinsella from Life at No2 for some baking and interior tips :) and we will also be catching up with Rachael of Lovely to meet me blog for some fitness and working from home tips! Chat soon lovelies xxxx

Stay Safe

Style So Simple - Aoife xxx


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