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Style So Simple Trending for 2020: Sage Green

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Forget the Pantone colour of the year! Check out the Style So Simple's colour pick; Soft Green or Sage. So, when revamping my little apartment rental I realised I was super obsessed with this colour, sage green rug, pouffs, dining chairs..I even incorporated it in some of my clients designs. I went slightly overboard! Well, wouldn't ya know that furniture gurus Cult Furniture is now predicting sage green to be another huge trend for 2020... ''set to take over interior design in 2020'' to be precise!!

Ahhh! Don't forget where you saw it first design luvas! In the little Style So Simple projects. Now Barry can never complain when I start revamping our apartment again :) Anyways now I have added my stamp to that trend here are a few of my favourite sage green products from Cult Furniture. I already have the pouffe and dining chairs, but omg I want the sofa!


Cult Furniture says ''Soft greens are set to take over interior design in 2020. Tones such as sage green maintain a fresh young vibe while looking forward to a new decade ahead. These tones complement recent colour trends such as millennial pink and work amazingly well in trending styles such as Art Deco influenced interiors.''

1.Conway Stool £69. 2.Pendant Light £85. 3.Dining Chair £109. 4.Large Cushion £25.

5.Small Stool £69. 6. Loveseat Sofa £599. 7.Side Table £69.

Hope this has given you a little bit of design inspiration and added some nice pieces to your shopping list :) It definitely has to mine :)

Style So Simple - Aoife xx


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