Style So Simple's Guide to Styling the Bed Wall...

Hey everyone & Happy Friday. :)

How has your week been? I am literally about to head out the door to get a new mini desk. This working from home with myself, Barry and Flump has started to give us cabin fever... We lasted super long though and its mainly during the working hours it's super hard for both myself and Barry to work in the living room/dining room (mini apartment problems). So I am going on the hunt for a mini desk that will fit in our bedroom and NOT make a mess of the aesthetic. Barry was like just get a large one who cares... He nearly went flying off the balcony. But all is well in Cork otherwise and Barry has not been flung from the balcony yet :) 

Eeek also this weekend I will be doing my first live on Instagram with the lovely Lorna from The Love of Greige. It's super scary but so exciting too. 

So today I am sharing a little Guide to Styling the Bed Wall. Today I am going to share five designs with you ranging from a classic look to a more boho vibe and the renters go-to, that the 'no headboard, headboard look'. Yup, its a thing :) 

I still want to share a four-poster bed option, a mirror option, shelf options and well loads more so I will share 5 more options with you all next Friday? What do you think? 

Anyways, for now, let's have a look at today options and as always Enjoy xx



How to know where to hang your artwork and mirror:

So, guys, a general rule for where to hang your wall art or mirrors is to hang them 20cm to 25cm above the headboard. A mistake I see a lot of clients make is hanging their artwork too high. This gives a floating effect which just isn't cute... So go that little bit closer so it all looks connected :)

How to know what size art/mirror to get:

So like the fireplace mantle in my previous post to create balance, your artwork should be at least 2/3 the length of the headboard. You can go whatever shape you like, eg round mirror, groups of images, vertical, horizontal you name it. You just want to make sure you counterbalance the headboard or bed width. The easiest way to do this is the 2/3 trick.

# Design Note

Just to note guys if you are looking for a super-simple statement and want your picture to be small and discreet do it! Design is objective and although I want to give you guys general guidelines for your home. The great thing about design is there are no rules :) If it works it works. I am skimming over this because next week I will be looking at 5 more bedroom wall designs and one option will be a four-poster bed. Which I will add very small art or decor too. All will be explained next week. For not let's have a look at this weeks design schemes.



# Interior Design Tip

If you are looking for something classic and chic keep a similar tone throughout and get your symmetry in check :) That basically means hanging your art/pictures in a uniform setout. I like to add at least 6 to give a more grandeur feel.





# Interior Design Tip

To add a little difference to your interior why not hang you bedside lighting from the ceiling? It's a great way to add a little statement to an interior and allows you to use the whole of the bedside table :) Win-win.

PS. If your headboard is quite high like the above look into narrow and long wall decor. This will ensure the space doesn't look too crowded or heavy.