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My Living Room Revamp...

Welcome to my new living room!

If you are popping over from Insta you may already be a little sick of this space but I am just in LOVE with it! It's the first space that myself and Barry have actually got our very own furniture for! We are renters so this is like a big dealio for us guys!

It's honestly the first living room that completely reflects our style. So just a tad excited like!

Speaking of style I'll get to the design scheme :) When looking at this space I really wanted to work with texture as opposed to colour. We have this fantastic view of our balcony and the greenery outside so I wanted to add pieces that would work with this and not clash or take away from it.

So texture texture texture :) The first big item we decided on was the Tom sofa and armchairs from DFS. I have suggested the Tom range for a few clients so was soo delighted to finally get my hands on my own. We went for the steel grey in velvet for the sofa which has beautifully soft silver hues and neutral tan leather for the armchairs. I mixed the material finish with these to add a little interest to the furniture set.



This is one of my fave tips when designing a neutral space. Mix your furniture styles or the material finishes. It gives that added depth and interest to an interior.



I also LOVE a bit of glam in a space or good tack as I like to call it. You know that little bit of sparkle that isn't overwhelming, think Tiffany vibes. So I picked up the nest of tables from Chipco with marble effect stone top and polished brass legs. I purposely went for brass as it gives the space that glam element I was looking for and keeps the interior from going too rustic.

For the artwork, I went to my good auld favourite Desenio. These guys are such a find for cute affordable art. I went with soft blue / grey watercolour art to link with the distressed blue rug we already had. I wanted to add a subtle pop of colour to the interior without it being obvious at first glance. So I mixed different tones of blue throughout the space to give it that nice subtle layered effect.



Side Table and Coffee Table Alternatives


I also found these decor storage books that I cannot rave about enough! Books in general are such a great styling tool. They are perfect for adding height when styling side tables, coffee tables, bookcases etc. But these books are storage books! Mind blown right? I find them brilliant for hiding chargers remotes and other nick-nacks around the living room.

Guys, I could honestly go on all day about this space. I am just sooo delighted with it! If you would like to see a little more have a look at the Living Room Reveal video above, it goes into a bit more detail about the style and furniture selection :)

Hope you love it as much as myself, Barry and Flump do!

Style So Simple - Aoife xx

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