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Style So Simple's Guide to Fireplace Mantel Decorating...

Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely Friday :)

I actually can not believe it is Friday again! The weeks are flying by!

Anyways guys I have a little style guide for you... FUN! So if you have stumbled in here from Instagram you probably know why I am doing this guide to mantle place decor :) If not let me tell you. I did a design Q&A over on Instagram yesterday and I basically realised I talk A LOT and I couldn't get all the design questions answered as much as I liked. So I said I would do a blog post and give super loads of detail in that instead :) One question that came up quite a few times was decorating a fireplace mantel and how to choose the right art size, mirror size, how to add decor, you get me? :) So I have created a few fireplace mantel design options with shoppable links below (obvs) :) and I have given a few steps/tips on how to start decorating your mantel.

Hope this helps lovelies and as always Enjoy xxx



How to know what size art/mirror to get:

Okay sooo a little rule of thumb is to measure the width of your fireplace and your artwork/mirror should be at least 2/3 of the width.

How to know where to hang your art/mirror:

So what you are going to do here guys is you will measure between 10-30cm above the mantelpiece. This is where the bottom of your art or mirror should sit.

How to start styling?

I have given a few options below with accessories and decor but if you are super stuck and just don't know where to start with accessories, another little design rule is to use your visual triangle. It sounds a little silly but it really works. All you need to do is visualise a triangle in the space you want to style, then arrange your items within it.

So for your fireplace mantel, your art/mirror will be your anchor piece, a main focal point, and the highest point of the visual triangle. You will then add a layer of accessories that will draw your eye down from the art/mirror. Basically something that isn't taller or visually heavier than your art/mirror :)

Final guys the last tip in styling your fireplace mantel is adding the finishing touches and working in different textures and material. So metal, stones and greenery depending on what look you are going for :)

Have a little look at the options below to see what I mean here and happy styling people.



# Interior Design Tip

If your ceilings are not super high then hang your artwork landscape like the below option and not portrait like the above. This will give the illusion of height in the room.



# Interior Design Tip

For a larger mirror keep the decor simple. This is a brilliant option for a smaller room that needs more light and the illusion of space :) Just one or two Irish apartments :)

# Interior Design Tip

If you do want to use a mirror that is a little smaller then just add more decor to balance the scheme.



# Interior Design Tip

Personally I love to have one strong image and then a softer one like a quote or sketch so that the overall look doesn't get too strong and heavy. But this is a super personal thing. if you love more go for bold people :)







So everyone how did you feel about the mantel decor? Do you feel like you could recreate these looks now? Orrr do you have a favourite? A few of you have been messaging me on Instagram with items you purchased from previous 'Shop the Look' blogs. I LOVE seeing what you get so if you do decide to get anything from this post I would love to hear xxx

I will be doing some more design Q&A's over on Instagram this week so pop by and ask me any of your design questions :)

Have a nice weekend guys and stay safe xx

Style So Simple - Aoife xxx

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