Interior Design Trends for 2022 with the Style So Simple Twist...

Hello hello hello! Welcome back to my corner of the internet :) and woohoo to my first blog of 2022... today we are going to be chatting about the Interior Design Trends for 2022 with the Style So Simple twist...

What do I mean by twist, well there are sooo many Interior Trends being talked about for 2022. Too many to include without confusing myself and you guys, so I am giving my personal breakdown of the 2022 Interior Trends and how we will see them or can incorporate them in our homes… Now, I know many will be like "I hate trends I do not follow them”. In one sense I agree I would never advise anyone to follow a trend religiously or change their style based on a trend. But like it or not we are all influenced by trends. Trends dictate many of the items that end up in our furniture stores and therefore we are all affected by what is trending whether we like it or not. Also guys interior trends are great as they bring back old styles and give them a moment while also introducing them to people who may never have seen or heard of them before. As a designer, this is the main reason I love them :) On the flip side when I see a photo of an interior that is just showcasing one trend I am like "NO NO NO!"...At my core, I believe an interior should be designed with classic design features and personal design elements you LOVE. This is what will make your interior stand the test of time. And this leads me into my take on the 2022 interior design trends and how I predict they will go or I guess in some cases hope they will go :) AKA Interior Design Trends for 2022 with the Style So Simple twist :)

Enjoy xx


There are many design styles being chatted about but this is my prediction for the top Trending Design Style for 2022... oh maybe just my hope :)

So I may be biased on this as Transitional is how I would describe my own Interior style, but hear me out. There are soo many interior styles being thrown out for 2022 trending style and I am going to say it and put my name to it now! Transitional Interiors will be very popular for 2022 and thankfully this is a timeless style. Interior styles that have been marked and chatted about the most for 2022 are modern organic, vintage and maximalism. These styles on their own can be either very minimal or very overpowering, but when we take elements of each we can create a much more laid back and timeless space. What style works with this? A Transitional style!

Image source: @jeanstofferdesign

What does Transitional decorating style mean?
Basically, it has traditional pieces (or vintage) mixed with more contemporary design elements (like modern organic) and there is a lot of layering (like maximalism)... See where I am heading with this?

A Transitional style can easily incorporate elements of all these styles while also creating a timeless space. So think picture panelling, this is going to be very big for 2022 and I can strongly say this is not a trend but timeless element, it is a design feature we have seen for 100s and 100s of years making it a stable in timeless design feature. But adding this to your space gives an element of vintage while playing with texture; therefore hitting on both organic and vintage. Another little design feature we will see is the inclusion of vintage-style lighting, artwork like oil paintings and unique recycled furniture pieces. This paired with more contemporary features like brass elements or more sleek furniture creates a fabulous balance between old and new. This is both pleasing to the eye and forms a nostalgic yet fancy feel.

For this style think of designers like Jean Stoffer or Irelands own Ruth from House of Goose their interiors are a perfect mix of vintage, classic with pops of contemporary colours and design elements.

Lastly with a transitional style is not about minimal interiors it's all about layering... YASSSS my favourite interior word along with texture. Think about layering an oil painting on your picture panelling, Adding some much-loved decor you have collected throughout your life, this is going to pivot our interior to a slightly Maximalism scheme while also creating interiors that are more personal to us and have a story behind them...LOVE!

Image source: @house_of_goose


Okay, I think we all saw a curved sofa somewhere last year and this year it's still going strong. This trend has transitioned down to accessories and I am 100% a fan, Do I think curved sofas will date, well honestly yes, design starts with function and a curved sofa just ain't functional for placement in an interior. But again that does not mean I am throwing out the curved sofa or curved trend from my design vibe.

If you are someone who loves very minimal interiors and colour but wants a pop of interest playing with form is a great way to add interest and a neutral curved sofa will do this for you and your interior.