Interior Design Trends That Are Out For 2022...

Welcome back, my interior lovers! How are you all? Two blogs in a week? What?! I am on a roll! I would love to say this will be the new routine but I have learnt my lesson from the past that work trumps my corner of the Interiornet. I just had to get all my interior trend thoughts and rants to you guys asap!

But I promise I will try to post more regularly than 2021 because it's honestly one of my favourite parts of Style So Simple... I can literally hear my Dad and brother being like, 'Who knew Aoife would love an area she could rant as much as she liked with no interruption!' Lols!

Anyways let's get into it!!! Interior Trends and Adios Interior Trends; they had their moment and now its time to say goodbye. These are the Interior Design Trends That Are Out For 2022 predicted by interior design experts and my thoughts on these trends and predictions, do I agree or not... See below :)

So guys let's see what is out for 2022!!

Enjoy xx


Ahhh Bouclé! The IT fabric of 2021,,,Goodbye! I have been over this trend for a minute and a half now! Not that it isn't nice it is, but we need to be soooo careful when committing to Bouclé it simple does not age gracefully so for me that is a big no-no.

Image source: @emilyhenderson

I am mainly not a fan of the Bouclé dining chair or armchair trend, loved it for its time back in the 1940s and I do love texture but it has just been so overused in 2021 and you know enough is enough so I am very happy to say Adios to this trend.


I am happy for the all-white minimal interiors to go, I honestly think It can be very bland and clinical. Kim K may not agree with me but North would!

This type of interior was made very fashionable by celebs like Kim Kardashian. We saw it all over social platforms with lots of fashionable influencers mimicking this style in 2021, but does it really work in my opinion...Nope, and hey I love light airy interiors but the whole point of a well-designed interior is that it is both comfortable and liveable. What makes a light and airy interior work is adding interest with texture and by layering design elements. Also mixing in some hues with art, rugs, decor, greenery and accent pillows. These elements can add colour that at first glance we do not notice but once we really look we see lots of different hues within the space creating enough pop to keep the interior warm and interesting.

So for the full white minimalist interior, I am happy to leave it back in 2021.

Airy Interiors That Work:

Below are some examples of very white, light and airy interiors that are still warm with lots of colours that at first glance you may not notice too much as they are added to balance the space and not to take it over.

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