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The Voyage Christmas Decor Collection by Amara...

Okay, I know it's still November but I have just found my favourite Christmas home collection...and no it ain't John Lewis! Also I did warn you guys I was going to go Christmas decor mad this year...

So what I'm slightly obsessing over is the Amara Voyage Christmas collection! The colour way is traditional forest green with antique gold, Hello! Its like they read my mind here! Think Glam, old-world vibes with a hint of cosy... Ahhh, sound perfect or what?

I have selected my faves for you below and I have already got a few myself...Ammm a Freddie Mercury Tree Decoration and the chicest door wreath EVER! How could I not.. My teeny apartment isn't going to know what hit it this year!!!

''Timeless, inviting and with just a hint of nostalgia.''

''vintage travel elements will give you the feeling of coming home for Christmas''

So guys has this got you into the festive spirit or is it still too early :) xx Well even if it is a tad premature I hope you have seen some items that you love xx

Ps. this is not a sponsored post I just found this collection and literally couldn't wait to share it with you.

Chat next week,

Style So Simple - Aoife xx


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