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Design Talk No. 7 with Valentina

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Heyyyy everyone and welcome back to Design Talk… I was on a bit of a blogging break over the last month.. but I am back with a good one ...

This month I am lucky enough to chit chat with Valentina of My Interior Details, Valentina is one of my favourite designers and I do not often make a point to say that.. But this lady really has got style!

Her interiors are made up of Nordic vibes, Statement pieces all set along the beautiful sunny backdrop of Madrid… Can you see why I have a slight design crush on her!!!

Enjoy xx

1: So Valentina :) Can you tell me a little more about you, your interior design studio and what you feel best describes your interior style?

Hi, thanks for having me! I just started to work for a real estate company called Nordic Standard in Madrid (Instagram @nordicstandard_es).

Madrid has so much potential when it comes to interior design and I love to work in this amazing city. All our projects have a touch of Scandinavian design since we have our background there.

Otherwise, I've been helping a lot of other clients styling their homes.

Last, but not least, I love to work with my own Instagram feed (@myinteriordetails), where I share and gather all my inspiration through daily work and travels.

2: What has been your favourite interior project you worked on and why? :)

All the projects in Madrid have been amazing so far, but there was one favourite located at Calle de Goya with 7 french balconies!

3: Oh my god! 7 balconies and Goya is absolutely beautiful too!!!... Majorly jealous here! What was the inspiration behind this interior or where do you usually draw your inspiration from?

Probably one of the most common answers, but I love to travel and try to do it a lot. I get the most inspiration through the travels.

4: What are your go-to interior shops and why?

I love to find the small shops where you can see that the owner "hand-picked" every product. The bigger brands are good as a compliment. Also cheaper ones as H&M Home has great pieces to mix it with.

5: I love H&M Home! It has such great options for decor.. What in your view makes a great designed interior?

Personality. The mix of different brands, prices, new/old.

6: Well said! Finally, Valentina :) What interior designer has inspired you the most in your design career and why?

I don't have an all-time favourite, but one designer I got inspired of in the beginning was Estrid Ericson, the founder of the Swedish company Svenskt Tenn. She must have had so much courage to start a design company in the 1920s.

Totally! She must have been super brave! Thanks again Valentina for taking the time to interview for this little series. It has been an absolute pleasure :) Next month I will be speaking to Gina Everett from Create Perfect about her interior design loves and tips :)

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