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Design Talk No. 22 with the chic Marlene of My Mindful Home....

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I hope everyone is still keeping safe and excited for a new week :) Okay lets be honest I asked Barry could we just pretend today was Sunday and not Monday this morning :) So all this 'let's do it' chit chat was not how I was feeling this morning ;) Lol!

Anywho, today I have a new Design Talk interview with the super chic Marlene of My Mindful Home. Marlene is an interior designer living in London but originally from France... See the chic vibe coming in already! I wanted to do this little interview with Marlene because she is not only a fabulous designer but she is also a great interior blogger. I always find myself on her blog checking out her little home revamps and design tips so I know you guys will get a lot out of this chat with her today :)

So, guys, let's pretend it is Sunday sit back, relax and have a little design chat with the fab Marlene.


1: So Marlene :) Can you tell me a little more about you and what you feel best describes your interior style?

Hello, my name is Marlène, I am a marketing specialist and interior blogger, I live in London but I grew up in France near Paris. My interior style is a blend of modern, minimalism with classic/traditional features. I always struggle to explain because it is not one thing it is a blend I get inspired by different style but overall they are bounded by simplicity and functionality in design.

2: What has been your favourite interior project you have worked on and why? :)

Oh that is difficult to answer. Perhaps my Kitchen. I love cooking so my kitchen needed to work around how I like to cook to make the experience pleasant every time. I love how organized it is. I know exactly where everything is so it is quite easy to use. I created a workflow with pull-out drawers, an easy to access pantry, chinaware storage shelves, etc.

To see more on Marlene's kitchen and how she organised it check out her Kitchen Blog Post here.

3: Amazing Marlene we can never have too much organisation in our kitchens! Also, Marlene what was the inspiration behind the kitchen design?

For the look, the inspiration came from my grand-mother kitchen. I've got great memories when I was a child there. It was the heart of the home. She had an L-shaped Kitchen too with traditional bevelled paneled doors, a gas stove, a Smeg retro fridge but I included modern elements to it like a food waste disposal unit or embedded shelf lighting.

4: Oh my god that is so cute taking inspo from your grandmothers kitchen! I love that and such a good way to make it feel homely. So Marlene what are your go-to interior shops and why?

I like blending designer and high street items so would mix shopping in the following places:

  • Conranshop : For designer finds and gifts.

  • Has a lot of scandinavian design brands I like.

  • John Lewis: Great quality pillows and homewares.

  • La Redoute: For homeware and bed linen.

  • H&M Home : For kitchenware and napkins.

I also like to bring a little something from when I go to Paris. 

5: Ohhh I must take a look at Fleux and get my French chic in my apartment!! What in your view makes a great designed interior?

Functionality and a simple colour palette. I don't like complicated schemes because I find them too distracting. In a nutchel I am inspired by parisian homes, english period interiors, and scandinavian homes. So any home mixing these styles is a favourite for me.

6: Finally Marlene, what interior designer has inspired you the most in your design career and why?

I like ashe leandro (@ashe_leandro) for its laid back sophisticated style. However to be honest People, buildings, and places more than a specific interior designer have been source of inspiration in my designs.

So lovelies I hope you all enjoyed our little sit down with Marlene. If you would like to keep up to date with her check out her Instagram here and her blog here. xx

Chat to you soon lovelies and stay safe xxx

Style So Simple - Aoife xx


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