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Design Talk No. 20 with Irish Interior Designer Tullio Orlandi...

Hello, lovelies and Happy Monday.

Our world has changed again quite drastically since last week. We are now essentially in a welcomed lockdown. All of us are doing the right thing to keep Covid19 at bay, so I am giving you all a virtual clap for doing your part xxx

Although my weekend was quiet with just myself, Barry, and Flump, I did enjoy it with the sun being out :) We are basically keeping ourselves busy with work & walks. Although I think Flump might be sick of us at this stage :) xx What about you? What did you get up to for the weekend?

Today I am going to be going back to Design Talk Series with the ever-talented Tullio Orlandi. Tullio is a Limerick-based Interior Designer and the founder of commercial design studio Tullio Designs. Tullio is known in the design world for his bold use of colour and not being afraid to use dark and moody hues! He has designed all the hot spots in limerick including Bar Alexa and the fabulously quirky Buttery restaurant. Today Tullio is here to take our minds off of Covid19 and bring us back to the whimsical world of creativity and design.

As always lovelies sit back and enjoy xx.

1: So Tullio :) Can you tell me a little more about your Design House and how you got into interior design?

I started my design studio back in 2015 after returning from living in New York. Not knowing what direction to go in when I returned i decided to stay put in Limerick and give it a go.

Interior design wasn’t so on ‘trend’ back then so it was a tough road at the beginning.

Hard work and persistence is what has kept our studio going up to today.

I began working in commercial design and its just something I’ve fallen in love with. Designing and collaborating with out clients to create something practical and visually appealing.

2: What has been your favourite interior project you have worked on and why? :)

Its been a pleasure working with all of the brands that have chosen our studio so that’s a hard one to answer, I honestly adore all of the projects I’ve worked on.

But if I had to choose one recent commercial space it would be our design for ‘Bar Alexa’

Originally a sea food restaruant with blue and white striped walls, we were brought in to give the space a new look and identify to team with its new brand concept.

3: and Oh My God it is Amazing, Tell me what was the inspiration behind this interior?

The inspiration behind the design all came down to ‘form’ by playing on curves and angles. We wanted to add as many contrasting details as possible, curved wall cladding & lighting were teamed with contrasting large patterned flooring.

We chose a dominant green colour as the main feature with all other aspects to the design contrasting against this back drop - teaming luxe finishes with raw details.

Fish scale tiles were added to the bar in copper & pink, and white marble table tops added texture, brightness and depth.

4: Wow I love that, So super simple question :) what do you think makes a great interior?

For me, I love walking into a space and being brought on a journey, constantly looking around taking it all in. I love zoning in on the finer details and finishes. So for me they are the one thing I always look at in a space.

And of course colour, it's one thing i love to use and look at.

5: Okay you are definitely known for your bold & moody interiors, What advice would you have for someone wanting to experiment with darker colours in their home, but they’re not sure how to start?

It’s taken me a very long time to become confident in using colour and I know it’s a very daunting thing. Someone once said to me before ‘ the easiest thing to change in any scheme is paint’ and it’s always stuck with me, I love taking chances and remember it’s not permanent so can be changed easily.

One big tip I have for going to the dark side is build a concept and samples - not your little sample swatch but paint a big sample (two coats) onto a wall in the brightest and darkest part of a room and live with it for a few days. Limit yourself to two / three samples swatches, staring at number of small swatches on a wall will only cloud your mind.

6: Finally who is your interior design crush at the moment?

Picking one is nearly impossible there are so many incredible design studio’s out there.

But I recently came across ‘Boss Studio’ and they are creating some amazing versatile designs and their attention to detail is incredible- Some what of a design crush on there work at the moment. 

Thanks so much, Tullio for taking part in Design Talk :)

So guys what did you think of the lovely Tullios take on Interior Design? To see out more of Tullio's work check out his website and of course his Instagram here.

Style So Simple - Aoife xx

If you would like to be featured in next seasons Design Talk, get in touch!


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