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Design Talk No. 5 with Amy Hansen

Hello hello and huge welcome back from the Christmas break! I hope everyone had a fabulously festive Christmas?

I am on an official detox from mince pies and roses. Trying to get back into the swing of being an adult again :) So to get back into it why not lunge into a new Design Talk with my special guest Amy Hansen founder of Ames Interiors based in Utah. Amy's modern aesthetic with a warm and vintage touch has seen her design firm grow in popularity and even ventured into an online furniture store! Yup she has been a very busy lady indeed :)

This month we are going to delve into Amy's mind on all things design from favourite projects, inspiration to biggest challenges. So lets see what this lady has to share with us :)

1: Your style is very fresh with great use of textures. Love by the way! Have you any advice or tips for readers who want to create this style?

Thank you so much! We always say, less is more! It can still feel full and homey without needing something on every wall or things piled high on every shelf. We also like to stick to two to three wood tones, finishes and color palettes in a single space. Lastly, we bring in warmth and texture through the use of materials we source. We resinate most with options that have an organic feel. Darker tiles, countertops and finish work are what we resinate with the most!

2: What has been your favourite interior project you worked on and why? :)

We just recently had the opportunity to design a home for this years Salt Lake Parade of Homes. It has been one of my favorite projects so far! Not only did we totally resonate with the style, but we also had the chance to furnish the home entirely with our brand new furniture line. The clients were a dream to work with! And were open to so many fun textures, tiles and light fixtures, which made it fun for our team to stay creative!

3: What was the inspiration behind this interior or where do you usually draw your inspiration from?

Honestly, whenever we are in a creative rut we like to turn to Pinterest! Inspiration comes in so many different ways and from so many different places, it feels like a catchall for everything. We also like to stay on top of the latest design and fashion trends! But even so, a big part of our inspiration for each project comes from the client's themselves. Delving into their lives, likes and passions always helps our creativity to run wild!

4: What was the Biggest Challenge you faced in designing your home or any other interior?

Our biggest challenge, I would say, usually comes down to budget. It's unfortunate but it's true! Sometimes we feel we are just limited in our options and struck down in our creativity when we are being defined by a strict number. Although we do honor each individual client's price point, it can be our biggest challenge in starting a new project.

5: What in your view makes a great designed interior?

There are so many things that makes a interior great. But I think most importantly, is staying true to your design style! And then keeping the entire home cohesive with your choice. Follow design guidelines and rules when it comes to space planning / flow / furniture sizes and you'll do great!

6: Finally, Amy :) What interior designer has inspired you the most in your design career and why?

I have so many designers that I'm inspired by and love to keep up and follow their work! One interior designer I always look to for a simple and timeless look is Disc Interiors. They always seem to win me over! Amber Interiors is another designer I look up to when it comes to being a business owner. She has done an amazing job and growing her company and making a name for herself - something I find so inspiring!

Ohhhh Amber Interiors is a favourite of mine too! Absolutely LOVE her! Thanks again Amy for being apart of the Design Talk series.

Next month we will be heading Stateside again to speak to the super talented Lisa of Home Inspiration Lulu and how she creates the perfect kid friendly interiors.

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