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Design Talk No. 4 with Kats DIY Haven

Okay, people, this is a good one! Katrina Carroll is giving us a tour of her DIY haven, for you Instagram lovers you might know this little lady as @vintageIrishKat… If not you need to follow her now and listen to her Kat Rants… Omg if you are having a bad day or just need a good laugh this will do the trick…be warned there is a little bit of swearing involved :D :D

Anyways Vintage Irish Kat is bringing us all the way back home to Ireland to her beautiful townhouse that she shares with her adorable two babes and very patient hubby Adam.

Kat has decorated and DIY'd their family home to her heart's content. Creating a uniquely Carroll interior that has captured the imaginations of many of us on Instagram.

This lady really shows us that if you put your mind to anything DIY ‘you can do it’ even though I have actually tried many times and failed miserably! But hey Kat gets it done J and also your own individual style is what makes for a beautiful home.

So let's take a sneak peek into the Carroll household and see why @vintageIrishKat has got us all hooked to her Thursday DIY's and her super beautiful home. 

1: First off your home is beautiful! Which was your favourite room to design and why?

Ohhhh I think it was my living room! I did want a retro vintage styled room. It’s full of vintage treasures, old photographs, sentimental items and it’s just a lovely chilled room that we love to relax in. 

2: What would you say best describes your home style? 

Vintage style old school design. 

3: Has your style developed or changed since designing your home?

Yes absolutely. I have 101 ideas in my head that I want to do. Im constantly wanting to change the rooms up but I never follow trends I’ve always wanted to be different and sometimes come up with crazy ideas but somehow they always work out. 

4: Where do you look or usually find your inspiration? 

Pinterest or my main inspiration is from old movies and magazines, I’m constantly trying to bring the past into the future. 

Oh my god Kat I love that! and I can actually totally see that in your home! 

5: What was the Biggest Challenge you faced in designing your home? 

The biggest challenge we faced was pretty much everything to be honest, when we first bought the property it all had to be gutted and I was so excited in designing it and making it our own. We had challenges with the kitchen and bathroom but it all worked out amazing in the end. 

6: So you are known for your great little DIY's, what is the proudest DIY in your home? 

I think the proudest DIY I’ve done in my home is my beaded chandelier in my living room, although it took nearly 2,400 beads to make it it was worth it in the end. 

Okay yes that was absolutely AMAZZZZING!!!!! 

7: So, Kat, you have started doing DIY Thursday in the last few weeks that has really given us all a lot of laughs and ideas, what do you think makes a good DIY project and would you always choose upcycling over brand new?

I think what makes a great DIY project is something you can hold on to and pass onto the next generation. Isn’t it amazing that you can admire something in your home that you made by hand 🤷‍♀️ And if you pass that on to your children and grand children and can be treasured for a long time! 

It’s probably best tho that my children don’t see my diys

I would 100% always choose something preloved then brand new! I love history and character about pieces and that’s what makes them special.

8: Finally Kat, What interior designer or interior design trend can you not get enough of this month and why :) 

like I said I don’t really follow trends but I am loving the whole relaxed boho vibe and I am loving that people are turning away from dark decor and turning to white pink and pastels instead. I’m not a fan of the dark side :-) 

Ahahah I love it! Thanks so much Katrina, for taking part in the Design Talk series :) To keep up to date with Kat and her designs check her out on Instagram.

Next month we head stateside again to pick the design brain of non other then Amy Hansen from Ames Interiors.....Ahhh are you as excited as me?

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