Design Talk No. 2 with Pati Robins

Hello hello and welcome to the second edition of ‘Design Talk’ – for first time readers ‘Design Talk’ is the new monthly blog series where I speak to and feature incredible interior designer’s from around the world. Sooo its basically your monthly one stop blog for design advise and design tips from a huge range of designer's with very different style.

Last month I spoke to the amazingly talented Wioleta Kelly who let us have a sneak peak into her bright and beautiful home and also gave us some invaluable design advise . Click here to have a look.

This month I am talking to Pati or you may know her as @patirobins on Instagram. Pati has already been featured in some of the best interior blog's out there 'Design Sponge' being one! Ahhh thank you Pati for coming to the little Style So Simple corner of the internet! With a very generous instagram following of over 40,000, along with her own design blog the style-squeeze both showcasing her DIYS and beautiful home is Wales, Pati is a forced to be reckoned with in the design world. Her style is to say the least a work of art! Working with dark tones, bold design accents and unique artwork Pati has created one of the most distinctive and beautiful interiors out there. So lets take it to Pati now and divulge in some major interior inspo!

1: So Pati, as I am sure you know by now I am just a little obsessed with your home style. What was the inspiration behind it?

My husband and I have always been collectors of things, and he spends a lot of time in hospitals so when he's home we decided to go dark and have fun in our home - I believe in "y

you only got one life - live it and have fun" I apply this to interiors too.

2: Your home style is that perfect eclectic style interior. Have you any advice or tips for readers who want to create this style?

Eclectism is a beautiful style that is a perfect mix that everything will go perfectly - I love colour pattern and texture and for me those 3 are a must in any space - be it minimal or maximal , combining them adds interest to the space , also use all available space on your walls - to display your favourite books , framed vinyl covers or art that caught your eye , or simply makes you smile . Go with what you love and not what is the latest in thing to have - that way you will create a space that is hugely personal to you.