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Design Talk No. 12 with Grey Hunt Interiors...

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

Welcome back Design Lovers to another Design Talk interview. This month I am venturing Stateside to Northern Virginia to chat with the lovely Sallie Finney Kjos.

Sallie is the founder and owner of the wonderfully creative interior design studio Grey Hunt Interiors. GreyHunt started as a one women show and has expanded to the 'Dream Team' of four talented ladies.

Specializing in transforming residential spaces into luxurious homes GreyHunt believes in the power behind an environment and how changing this environment and interior can change your life for the better!.. Ahh love that!

So let's see what the lovely Sallie at GreyHunt has to share with us.

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

1: So :) Can you tell me a little more about you and what you feel best describes your interior style?

I always love sharing our story! I started doing interior design 20 years ago well, getting paid to design! I was designing for my family at a pretty young age. I started GreyHunt Interiors 10 years ago named after my two sons, Greyson & Hunter. I can see beauty in so many different styles, it is hard for me to stay true to one aesthetic. I am very eclectic but I feel that I try to do it seamlessly so that it doesn’t feel disjointed. Everything works together even though very different and allows each piece to shine. The Juxtaposition is key! I always say about the line, “If these walls could talk….Ahh, but they do!” Walls talk to me. I feel what the room needs.

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

2: What has been your favourite interior project you worked on and why? :)

That is like asking me to pick my favorite child! That is a tough one, I would say the #Emeraldgem was my favorite. I had actually designed that house 10 years earlier for these clients right as I was starting my business and it was Tuscan style, so getting the opportunity to go back and redesign it transitional/modern with bold colors was an amazing way to measure growth as a business and a designer. This was a project that ended up getting published locally, nationally and internationally and even Martyn Bullard liked it!!!

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

3: What was the inspiration behind this interior or where do you usually draw your inspiration from?

This client and I have worked together on a few homes for the past 15 years and she really wanted to break out and do something different. She wanted to update and have more city look. She was falling in love with the black and white that I did in my own home and wanted that. WE needed a color pop and her Versace silk clutch was the perfect shade of green!

4: What are your go-to interior shops and why?

Well, I do love to shop!!! I actually tend to do most of my shopping at High Point Furniture Market! I love companies like Made Goods, Worlds- Away, Hudson Valley Lighting, Fabricut, Mitchell Gold and the list goes on and on!

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

5:What in your view makes a great designed interior?

It should look easy, it should not just look beautiful or well designed but actually make you feel something internally. It should calm you, excite you, inspire you but you should feel a room.

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

Design Talk No. 11 with Camilla Bellord Interiors

6: Finally, What interior designer has inspired you the most in your design career and why?

Honestly, Martha Stewart inspired my desire to design. Back in the day when I had time to craft and make a box of random items beautiful décor. Although, I don’t have that Martha look or style and look up to designers like her and what a powerful business woman she is. She isn’t just a gorgeous face or talented designer, she is a business woman and a leader!

Sallie thank you so so much for taking the time to interview with us today. I am so delighted you are now part of the Design Talk team!

To keep up to date with Sallie and her fab team of designers check out her website here and Instagram here xx

If you would like to be featured on Design Talk, get in touch! Email

Style So Simple - Aoife xx


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