Design Talk No. 10 The Interiors NRD Studio with Natasha Rocca Devine..

Natasha Rocca Devine and The Interior NRD are definitely names that Irish readers will recognise.

Irish Interior Designer and Staging to Sell specialist Natasha has a track record of not only staging beautiful homes that sell quick and above asking price, she has also graced our screens on RTE One TV Series ‘Find Me A Home’.

Ammm have I mentioned that the apartment Natasha staged for ‘Find Me A Home’ sold within one month, and for 11% higher than the original sales price...

Just say’n this Lady ain’t just an Interior Designer she’s a Boss Seller too...

So let's see what Natasha has to share with us. From where she started her career to where she draws her design inspiration from. xxx

1: So Natasha :) Can you tell me a little more about you and what you feel best describes your interior style?

Prior to setting up ‘The Interiors NRD’ Studio, I worked in Los Angeles as a real estate agent and staged and designed projects on the side. Although I have a ‘go to style’, I adopted the Los Angeles approach to focus on the client, the space, local area and budget as priority.

Evidently, Los Angeles designers each have a signature style, yet, clients never wanted to see their designers’ exact replica in another persons’ home as it would detract from why they hired a designer to start. So, I learnt there that individuality is key. Hence, each of my projects I adopt this carte blanche Los Angeles approach and take each project as a new canvas to work on.

While my ‘go to’ style would be contemporary classic, which would gravitate towards either classic or contemporary pending on the client, location and overall aim of the project. Also, I like to ensure there are elements of sustainable design, vintage products, energy efficient lighting and recycling involved in each project to ensure the environment is protected amongst the process, as much as possible.

2: Ohhhh that is sooo amazing! I'm actually very jealous if your career! How excisting would it be to work in LA!!! Love it! Any who...What has been your favourite interior project you worked on and why? :)

I have just completed my favourite project for two main reasons;

1. The Development & Team – I just completed designing and styling a luxury apartment Showhome for Robswall by Hollybrook in Malahide by the Award-winning developers Hollybrook Homes. The selling agents for these new homes are the leading agents Knight Frank Ireland.

This is my third time working for Hollybrook Homes and my second showhome design I have completed for Hollybrook. My previous showhome sold within a few weeks and has won two Awards, which is all part of the agents and team involved.

So, it is a pleasure to be working with Hollybrook on different stages of their development and on various and diverse projects.

These particular apartments are final stages of the Robswall by Hollybrook development. It is an exciting time for the Hollybrook team who on completion of this are preparing to move onto their next Dublin development next year.

2. The Theme - On a personal level, I loved working on this project as it was inspired by The Great Gatsby | Art Deco interiors, along with a Hollywood iconic resonance. I have always adored the romance of classic and iconic literature, movies, architecture and design. With our lives centred around technology I feel there is advancements yet, an innate lack of tradition and connection.

For Robswall, I used iconic Cole & Son wallpapers to enhance this theme, combined with suitable furniture, lighting, photography, art and accessories, to create a space of passion and entertainment where people can connect and celebrate life. Each as seen in these iconic eras and ideally in this showhome alike. While ensuring it is suitable for potential buyers as it is a showhome which must be applicable to buy, first and foremost.