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Design Talk No. 6 with Glam Gal Lisa

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Heyyy everyone and welcome back to Design Talk. This month we are speaking to the most luxurious girly girl on Instagram!

Lisa of @homeinspirationlulu is not only an incredible interior designer, she is also a physician and mom to 4 (yes 4!) children. Ahhh how she actually has finds the time to design her beautiful home and share it with us all I will never know.

Ammmm maybe I should be asking her about timekeeping and general life management instead of design? :)

But no no this is design talk so let's see what advice Lisa has for us this month :)

1: So, Lisa, first off your home is beautiful! What would you say best describes your home style?

Thank you so much Aoife, that is so very sweet. I love so many components of multiple different styles.  I enjoy a little bit of heirloom, a touch of Parisian glam, and a smithereens of bohemian luxe.  However, I will have to say my ultimate style is rustic glam because I gravitate towards simple, neutral earthy looks, but I definitely need at least a little sparkle to get me through my day.  

2: I LOVE rustic glam! Have you any tips for readers who want to create a home like yours?

Yes.  Try to find lots of neutrals and that way adding different pops of colours throughout the seasons is an easy venture.

3: What was the Biggest Challenge you faced in designing your home?

Figuring out how to make it kid-friendly.  I try to avoid sharp corners or glass tables.  So I have tried to find as many oval or round coffee and end tables as possible.  With two twin toddlers running around, I don't want to worry about them getting hurt. Also, I try to find as many storage pieces as possible

4: Oh my, I can't imagine looking after two toddlers and having your own design business! Go you. Which is your favourite room in your home and why?

I honestly love my bedroom.  It feels luxe and cozy and I made it into a nice haven and retreat after working and running after the kids all day. I love the velvet tufted headboard, and lots of white smooth hotel feel bedding.  I have some faux fur rugs in front of the bed as well, and crystal lamps that add to a glam feel.

5: What is your favourite room to design in any home?

Probably a living room.  I love trying different couch and rug layouts, and playing with shelf styling and coffee table styling.  That is so much fun!

6: Finally Lisa :) What interior designer can you not get enough of this month and why :) 

I have been mesmerized by the page of Susan Glick interiors.  I keep saving her pictures into my inspiration folders! 

Oh yes her interiors are AMAZING! and such luxe vibes! Thanks so much again Lisa for taking part in Design Talk.

Next month we will be speaking to Valentina designer for nordicstandard_es and curator of My Interior Designs. This is one not to miss xx

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