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The Irish Christmas Gift Guide of EVERYTHING!...

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

So hey hey little corner of the internet, am I allowed back in? It's only been like 4 months since I graced you with my typing :)

I do apologise for my lack of text but a pandemic, an engagement, and life just got in the way :) But I am back for the most FUN blog ever! I am currently doing my Christmas shopping and like so many in our lovely little island. I am doing my best to shop and support local! I am absolutely delighted and proud of what I have seen so many entrepreneurs in Ireland create! So I had to share and release a two-part Christmas gift guide.

Part one is all the gifts I wanted to get and some I have got for friends and family. So there is everything (hence my clever blog title) from interiors to adventure experiences below :) Part 2 will be my gift wish list under €30!

Enjoy lovelies and happy shopping!

Interiors & Homewear:

Interiors and Homewear...

Right, so as someone who is a little obsessed with their interior, the presents I love to get and the presents I love to give people for their homes are small enough that they don't take over any scheme said interior lover is trying to create but are also unique and special. So beautiful vases, small table trays, flowers, plants, and candles in my opinion are the best gifts for the interior lover. Of course, unless you're feeling generous and want to buy them a sofa or something then go as big as ya want!



There are sooo many beautiful Irish jewellery designers from the fabulous Chupi to Dingles Brian de Staic. The Brian de Staic’s original Ogham necklace is such a special present I love to give friends. They will etch in your name or birthday in Ogham writhing to a pendant. My mom got me one for my 16th birthday and I still LOVE it!



Guys all I will say is Sunset Dreamer by Aoife McNamara. FYI any of my fam, friends or Fab fiancé I would be DELIGHTED if I found this in my Christmas stocking! hint HINT! xx

Irish Artists:

Irish Artists...

Its sooo lovely to get art from a local or Irish artist as a gift. I got the SUPER cute pic of myself and My Flump sent to me from the super talented Finger Doodles and I just LOVE it! I feel like it is such a lovely and special gift to give someone. I actually got one of Rochelle's sketches for my sister in law for Christmas a few years ago. It was a sketch of her and my bother at the Rolling Stones in Croke Park in 2018. She loved it and it was so nice to get that memory captured in a one-off sketch by a local artist. So I would definitely recommend this for a gift to others.



Sooo prints are another gift I love to give people. Especially if they have a little meaning to them! I don't actually like GAA but I do LOVE the Caman and Co prints inspired by the GAA county colours! This is another one I gifted last year to my brother. He does like GAA and had just moved into a new office in Lahinch Clare... So Just in case, all the working/surfing makes him forget the beautiful Kingdom I said I'd get him a beautiful little print to remind him... :) This year I got one or two of the above for one or two people also :)

For the Foodies:

Who doesn't like cheese and chocolate?! And hello a gift idea for the tricky Vegan friend! You can gift them a scrumptious no-bake dessert book it's from a lovely lady from co. Kerry! Win, win, win!


Braywatch €10.99 Ross O'Carroll-Kelly by Paul Howard

I'm a major fan of Paul Howard's Ross O'Carroll-Kelly series and all I'm gonna say about Braywatch is Hill! Air! Such a good gift for anyone who loves a little laugh and any South Dub or South Dub wannabee who can giggle at themselves :)

Old Ireland in Colour € 21.99 by John Breslin & Sarah-Anne Buckley

So I found this just recently when I was on a gift hunt for someone in my family...Just in case they read this I better not mention who :) But this is perfect for anyone who loves history and especially Irish history. I actually can't wait to have a little read of this myself!

The Curious History of Irish Dogs €15 by David Blake Knox

Like hello! How can ya not?! Howwwww cute is this! Yup also purchased this little gem of a reading treat for one of my doggo loving family members :) I also got it from the fab store Nest in Kenmare. A lovely local store :)


So I guess this is one for the less faint-hearted and when you’re looking for bigger gifts if that makes sense :) I have got a few of these myself as gifts and LOVED them, like do ya think I would buy caving by myself? Nope, but I won't turn it down for a gift either! I have also given lots of the below to Barry and I can tell you he usually smiles more at a skydive then a new jumper :)


All I will say is best done with a hangover to shake the cobwebs away! Great craic even if you can’t stand on the board!

Places to check out:


With soo many beautiful places to discover there is no nicer way than by kayak. Fave spots for this would be Killarney lakes and the beautiful Sligo. But sooo many places offer this little day out and I would recommend it for all. Especially Night Kayaking! Dream! xx

Places to check out:

Cave Walking...

Ladddsssss I wanna do this sooo bad! How fecking cool does it look?! Defo a great one for lazy cousin or teens that you do not wanna get more clothes or technology for! Ahh, what a thing to look forward to after this silly virus is gone too!

Places to check out:

Sky Dive...

So I got this for Barry years ago and he still harps on about it! It is definitely one of those gifts that will never be forgotten. Just make sure your recipient ain't afraid of heights. Because I can tell ya now if anyone got me this for Christmas I would not do it! lol!

Places to check out:

Cliff Climbing...

Right so this is another one I would stay away from because of the auld height situation but I can totally see the attraction!

Places to check out:


Well, I could not do a Christmas gift guide with the aim of supporting local without supporting my Boo.

I am sure a few of you have heard me yap on about my Barry being grounded since March. March people!!!

Throughout this whole pandemic, many have been in and out of work, many like myself have been lucky to keep working and some poor people have been out of work since day one.

Aviation is close to my heart. Barry like many pilots worked so hard to get to where they were before March 2020. Since then they are simply playing a torturous waiting game. Watching not only huge airlines under serious financial pressure, our national airline Aer Lingus most likely moving its bases away from Ireland to the UK and the probability of some of our Airports like Shanon actually closing perhaps for good.

So if you think a friend or family member would appreciate a little gift voucher from one of Ireland's Airlines this is the year to give it! xx

Irelands Airlines:

So guys, hope this has helped some of you guys a little with some Irish Christmas gift ideas :) I will post part 2 in a few days and if you have any suggestions on Irish gifts I'd love to hear them. You can let me know by commenting below or over on my Insta. xxx

Happy Gifting!

Style So Simple - Aoife xxx

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