Suzie's Living Room Makeover by Style So Simple

Hello everyone and happy Saturday,

I hope you’re all having a great start to the weekend? I woke up to amazing pancakes from the lovely budgeting Barry this morning :) Ahh Yum! Anyways today I am giving you a little run through Suzie's living room makeover. If this is your first-time wandering into my corner of the interior, Suzie's living room makeover was a compilation I held over on Instagram to re-design one Instagram followers living room :) If you love the idea pop on over to my Instagram to be in with a chance of winning the next design :) After you read this post of course :) :) 

So, this week I have two very different design options for you. I did classic and neutral options with lots of texture (my fave) hints of brass and rustic beam... think Studio Mcgee... Well, my attempt at her style anyway ;). Then option 2 is much bolder and well, very blue, haha! But seriously it has that gentleman, great Gatsby vibe going on :) Love?  I have both designs below with all the shoppable links so you can re-create either design yourself at home :) 

So lovelies sit back get your tea, coffee or even better a mimosa and lets step back into the world of interior design :) 

xx Enjoy xx









So guys what did you think? Are you more of an Option 1 or Option 2... I have linked my recent 'Super Simple Bathroom Makeover' and 'Simple Office Makeover' if you would like to have a little gander :)  Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx)

You can send your photos to or by instagram here.

Hope you enjoyed the post and have a lovely weekend.

Style So Simple - Aoife xxx