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Style So Simples - Top Fabulously Festive Homes on Instagram

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

It's December and now it’s officially okay to say It's CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Sooo can you tell I kinda love Christmas? I confess I am one of those annoying people who want to start celebrating and decorating right after Halloween.

One of my favourites parts its the lead-up and decorating the house. Last night I was sprawling though Instagram peaking at what everyone else was doing to decorate their homes for the festive season. 

So I was doing a little bit of insta stalking checking out the different décor vibes and I was like… 'Love, love love, like, like, love, ohhhh how did she do that? And then Ding ding! 

The most festive blog post ever came to mind. ‘Top Fabulously Festive Homes on Instagram.’

Yeah,, I can literally here wham in my head just writing that!

 So I have narrowed it down to three otherwise I would still be writing this in the new year. And that ain't gonna work for anyone :) 

Anyways here you go my Interior beauts! Style So Simples Top Fabulously Festive Homes on Instagram.


#1 Wioleta Kelly:

Fellow Interior designer and a Style So Simple favourite Wioleta Kelly never does disappoint. With a variety of shop bought décor and some super cute DIY’S Wioleta has really outdone herself. 

The style is neutral and subtle playing with lots of texture as opposed to too much colour. Giving an overall look of elegance to this festive abode.

Instagram: @ wioleta_kelly

#2 New Darlings:

Okay these guys are not just on this list because there are the CUTEST couple on Instagram, its because there natural festive interior is  to slay for (see what I did there) 

Robert and Christina have opted to keep the Christmas decor to Christmas wreaths, garlands and berries. This creates a stunning colour palette of greens and reds with hints of tartan throughout.

For me, this is the traditional Christmas look making it extremely comfy and cozy :) Basically less tinsel to create that perfectly natural festive interior :)

Instagram: @newdarlings

#3 Nina and Cecilia:

Ahhhhhhh can you say WHITE WINTER WONDERLAND….. Oh, dear Jesus has this lady done it! 

Like I would actually chill in her home till Christmas and be delira (for those of you not living in Ireland delira means super happy) with myself!

The whole interior is just beautiful! Again Nina has gone for a very simple and natural colour pallet mainly focusing on texture and fairy light giving stunning Ski chalet feels. love love love it!

Instagram: @ninaandcecilia

As always guys I would love to hear your comments and again MERRY CHRISTMAS xxxx

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