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Style So Simple's Favourite Rugs Under €200 Perfect For Renters...

Updated: May 18, 2020

Happy Monday all,

Hope you all had a fab weekend?

As you know I am all about decorating my apartment on a budget and buying for renters like myself and Barry. So the one thing I found when we moved into our apartment was rugs are expensive! Now please do not get me wrong I am not knocking a good quality pricey rug. Most of them are at this cost for a reason, but for us right now it isn't what we want to invest out money into. Let's be honest here Barry was like 'we do not need a rug'. So I went on the hunt for some bargain rugs but with the designer look and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

So I have selected my favourite rugs I found all under €200 perfect for renters and anyone not looking to spend big bucks on their rugs.

So guys I hope you have seen something to your liking and have a great week xx :)

Style So Simple - Aoife x

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