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Style So Simple's Favourite Accent Chairs Under €200 Perfect For Renters...

Hey all and happy Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend? I went to Neven Maguire's restaurant and Oh My God! It was amazing both the food and the interior decor. I was super impressed!

Anyways last week I shared the ''Style So Simple's Favourite Rugs Under €200 Perfect For Renters'' which you can look at here. I got such lovely messages from you and feedback on that post so this week I am going to list My Favourite accent chairs under €200, Yup you heard me €200! Again this is perfect for my fellow renters :).

I have decided to go with accent chairs because accent chairs are a hidden gem honestly! They can really change the whole look and feel of a room. Also, an accent chair can be used in a bedroom, living room or even hallway. So I feel that this will help a lot of you lovely reader :)

As always Enjoy and let me know if you do buy any of the below xxx

As always I hope you enjoyed this little blog and let me know if you do buy any of the above

Style So Simple - Aoife x

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