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Style So Simple's 5 Winter Interior Essentials...

Happy Friday!

Guys, the leaves are nearly gone and we only have one month left in Autumn! I actually can't believe it! Time is flying! I have actually wanted to do a little interior season series with you guys for some time now and I am still challenging myself to write a blog weekly. Which might not sound like much but its actually super hard to keep doing... The day job keeps getting in the way don't ya know! :-)

But with the shorter days, it is an ideal time to look at winter buys and trends to cosy up your home! So I am going to do a winter design series...Fun! I am going to look at some of my favourite interiors buys for winter, what you can expect to see for trends this winter and of course a little Christmas decor blog...How could I not?!

For now here are My 5 Winter Interior Essentials...

1. Working with Senses and Candles

Its true there are winter scents and summer scents. So floral and citrus scents have no place in winter! The more musky scents like vanilla or fig are perfect for winter. Now I am a little candle crazy all year round, but even if you are not you should still opt for one or two in the winter months. Especially if you do not have a fireplace!

2. Cushion it up!

If you know me at all you know I love a cushion or two, or three...or four maybe. Cushions don't just look great, they can change the whole feel of a drab sofa. Have you seen my ugly sofa?! But they also give so much comfort so this is definitely an area that I say more is more! This is especially true for winter.

3. The Chunky Knit's

I love a good throw all year round but nothing says winter to me like a oversized jumbo knit throw! This is like your winter jumper for your bed or sofa. A must basically!

4. Create a Cozy Corner

This is where you will find me until April! My cosy corner in my teeny tiny apartment. But whether you live in a mansion, townhouse, or city flat a cosy place to relax is one of the nicest things to do in winter. Curling up with a strong coffee and good book or iPad even on a wet and windy day is one of the little joys of these cooler months.

5. Essential Ambiance

Now, when you are cosying up on your new armchair or comfy sofa the last thing you want is to be sitting under the brightest light in Ireland or whichever location you are reading from :) For winter, it's all about floor lamps and table lamps. These will create a warm glow in your interior similar to a fire or candle. So turn that overhead light off and the table lamps on!

I hope you enjoyed the first of my Winter Style Series and spotted some decor you love!

Style So Simple - Aoife xx

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