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Simple Styled Small Hallway

Updated: May 12, 2020

I promised myself this summer I would add extra content to the Style So Simple blog. Sooo I am going to try a few 'Before and After' blogs of the Style So Simple projects... I will chit-chat about the design process, give you a few shopping suggestions to recreate the look and design tips for the spaces.. What do you think? Love orrr LOOOVVVE? 

Yup thought so :) This month I will be focusing on a little hallway revamp completed a few months ago. If you have been keeping up to date on the Style So Simple Instagram page you will have seen this little gem of a hallway transformation before. 

Hallway's often get left out and forgotten in our homes or even worse! They turn into a massive pit for storage... So knowing where to add hidden storage and tip on decorating these usually small spaces should be an interesting read for you lovely design lovers :) 




This particular hallway had a very dark not so appealing floor tile that the client could not get rid of. So adding a large area rug brought both texture and warmth to the interior while also toning down that dark dark floor.


The client wanted to go with a very bright and fresh new scheme so we opted for soft off white for the walls. In minimal interior like this greenery is a great way to add colour and character. At the moment I am loving Eucalyptus plants. They have such a chic feel to them.

Baskets like the options shown above are a great way to add some extra storage and texture. Perfect to cover icky internet boxes and storing little items likes scarfs and even shoes!

Originally this interior had an open staircase I suggested this be covered up as it was always cluttered and a constant area of annoyance for the client. The carpenter created the bottom panel to be a sliding hidden door so the client is not losing her storage space just covering it. Smartypants So Simple I should be called!

In a hallway, you want to create a few ambiences to allow for some interest in a small space. Table lamps or floor lamps are perfect for this. For example in this project, the client was sure she wanted a very light fresh space. But in the evening the space needed to be cosy and warm. This was achieved by using dimmable wall lights and a textured table lamp with a warm blub.


Again for some more of that hidden storage, little decor boxes like the marble box above are great for keeping keys and other small items that usually end up in no mans land in our homes :) x

So all this has been the first of hopefully many Style So Simple project reviews, design tips and shopping selections.

Hope you LOVED it xx

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