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My Apartment - Revamping My Living Room on a Budget...

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Happy Friday All!

What is everyone's plans for the weekend? Chill? Night out? More chill? Well, ENJOY it! I have to be up at 5 am tomorrow to get the train to the big smoke.. Well the mini smoke :) Dublin! No rest for the wicked ay? :(

Anyways before all that I have have HAVE to give you an update on my apartment revamp!

Now this revamp is an ongoing project as my better half or should I say budgeting half has me on a tight BUDGET! :) Like many out there we are saving for a mortgage and currently renting soo my spending is on a lockdown :( Major sad face!

But I figure this is perfect for so many out there wanting to create a home in their rentals while not spending on a forever home budget :) ... So its a little revamp on a budget if you like.

In this revamp, I have some items that have been gifted and some that are not. I am highlighting below which is which to be 100% transparent. Also with the gifted items, I have been working for you guys to get you little discounts! Welcome!

So let's get the design juices flowing, shopping and as always enjoy xx


The wall art was gifted by Desenio and the floor lamp which I am obsessed with was gifted by

But of course, I have got a gift for you guys too! have been nice enough to give all my readers a 10% discount on all lights without a minimum order value... YAY! Just use the discount code IE-style.sosimple10.

This is going to be valid from today until the 17/11/19.

For the overall look, I wanted to create something that felt bright and a little contemporary... But mostly I wanted the apartment to feel like home. I have been renting for 8 years and never had an apartment that felt like mine before. So this was my main aim and of course, I didn't want to be spending too much...Well, I was firmly told not too!

But by shopping around, adding simple wall art, cushions, a super large rug and a little decor I have completely changed the look and made it feel much more like well me...Oh and Barry too :)


One item I am actually so happy with and can't recommend enough is the rug! I found it on amazon for about €90. If you have ever looked for large rugs you know that a 2meters by 3meters area rug usually cost at least €800 to €1000 so this was a real steal! I was super nervous about buying it because I wasn't sure about the quality and colour tones. But it is perfect and I would 100% recommended it.

So again, guys, this revamp is still ongoing and I will keep you updated here and over on my insta page :) . In the next few weeks, I will write a blog on selecting the best rug style and also the correct rug size for your room :)

PS. If you would like to see a little more on the artwork supplied by Desenio have a look at my 'Living Room Wall Art' blog here or if you are having trouble selecting wall art I have written a blog on ''How to select Wall Art for all Design Style'' here. :)

Have a lovely weekend and if you are getting a nice sleep in tomorrow morning :( Please think of me cold waiting for the train at 5am!! xx

Style So Simple - Aoife xx

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