Irish Christmas Gifts Under €30...

Hello, design lovelies! 

How are we? Getting into the Christmas spirit? Casa del Cork is fabulous and festive right now! I did have to return one or two decorations after a major decoration spending spree the last day. I actually lost the run of myself and came home with 3 sacks of decorations. Yes, actual sacks...for our tiny one bed apartment. Ridiculous I know :) 

Anyways this blog is for gift-giving and presents not my tinsel addiction. So we are less than 3 weeks away from the big day and my god this year we need it! And a lot of us this year do not want to be spending mountains of cash after the pandemic, so I have put together a little list of some beautiful Irish gifts under €30. 

Self Tan Foam - Medium - BARE by Vogue


Is it odd that I hope Spencer Mattews sees this and gets a little bit Paddified! He's basically trying to anglicize our Vogue so like I think the best thing to do is paddifie him! P.S paddifie means (Make him Irish).

Anyways even tho he gave out about Howth (I actually don't get the big deal with Howth either) I still really want his better halves tan! I am obsessed with it! Such a fab tan in perfect shades! So it's a gift that will be used and mucho appreciated!

Gold Reindeer Mask - Abina


Let's be real for a minute, facemasks whether we like it or not are kinda the new Christmas socks! So if needed let's go with the lovely Albina masks, They are handmade by Sharon who is based in Cork and €2 from each mask sold will go to Make A Wish Foundation! So kinda amazing of her and they are also sooo cute!

Making Living Lovely Book - April and The Bear


I can't do a blog here and not include something for my interior lovers! Never judge a book by its cover? Well, I have and I want it! Please? No in all honestly I have heard great things about this little read! It's a great one for anyone interested in interiors or new homeowners looking to find there own unique style. The book covers finding one’s style, love! exploring one’s creativity Ahh extra love! and rediscovering the fun in interior design!!! Ahhh sold and it can be purchased from Irish store April and the Bear,,, Perfect :)