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What Are The Best Furniture & Decor Stores? That Are Budget Friendly!

As I am a renter and not a home owner I really do not like to spend a huge amount on furniture and even decor knowing that I will most likely have to leave or sell it in a few months. But I am also a little bit of a design junkie and can’t help myself when it comes to purchasing! I really can’t help it. Like, I think it may be a problem. Some girls buy shoes; I buy a lamp, a mirror, a rug, a vase, picture frames. Okay, so you get my drift :)

Now with this interior purchasing problem, I have developed a super skill of knowing where to shop for stylish but affordable furniture and decor!! So today I am going to share my go to shops just for this!

So please have a read and enjoy :)

1. H&M

Okay so this is purely for décor but the final décor pieces can be the elements that completely transform an interior and just like their fashion H & M always have super cute and on trend accessories and décor…

PHOTO: Courtesy of H&M

2. Overstock

I love love LOVE this one. You can always find amazing furniture here for prices that even compete with Amazon. Overstock has everything from small décor elements to coffee tables, sofa and rugs..basically, everything you need. Overstock is my go to when I am looking for that unique piece that will bring my interior style up a level.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Overstock

3. Zara Home:

Again, this is for decor elements for your interior. It is the finishing items that can transform your interior :) Zara is the best store for a timeless and classy interior style.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Zara

As always if you have any questions leave me a comment below. xx

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