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Tricia’s New Bright Kitchen

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Today I am going to do a blog that is slightly different from any of my others to date. I am going to share with you behind the scenes of a kitchen redesign completed in Ireland for my lovely client Tricia.

If you are keeping up with Style So Simple on Instagram you will already be familiar with this kitchen re-design. This project is very exciting for myself personally and Style So Simple as it was the first ever project completed since launching Style So Simple. To see the kitchen stages from mood boards, structural drawings, photorealistic renders to the finished interior was so incredibly exciting. I don’t know who is more attached to the interior in the end, me or the client! :)

The main brief or want from Tricia was a kitchen design that brightened her space, reflected her personal taste and all in all be a space she would be happy to laze in on a Sunday morning ‘A girl after my own heart’. From talking and working on mood boards together it was clear that Tricia’s style was one of refinement and class but also homely and easy to live in.

So let’s have a look at the before and after of the interior..Excited??..I AM! xx



The existing kitchen was very dark. The client was absolutely right; it needed light! Everything in the space seemed to fight with the natural light. There was a beautiful large window with picturesque natural light coming in but this was being overshadowed by most of the materials. The honey-hued cabinets and dark flooring were absorbing the light and not allowing it to bounce in the space.

The existing uppers were too heavy for the interior and seemed to be dragging the whole space down. It also did not reflect her style at all! It was very 90’s and far to county for Tricia’s more on-trend and timeless style.





To open up the space and make it feel lighter we used open shelving and glass cabinets. This helped to break the space and allow as much natural light to be absorbed from the windows.

We decided to take the original table and chairs out altogether and go for a little kitchen bench. This was perfect for really opening up the space and has allowed for more walkway when enter the room. This bench also adds that warm cozy feel to the interior. As the client said it is her Sunday morning lazy area.. Love!

In terms of materials we decided on neutral and light. This was intentionally chosen to really compliment any light coming into the space. The client initially wanted all soft grey cabinets or white as she was worried about the kitchen remaining dark, but I advised her to go light on top and break the space up with some clean line dark grey undercounter cabinets. Dark cabinets may seem like a risk in a small kitchen but when paired with a light backsplash, uppers and flooring I new this would result in an overall light feel.

The lazy Sunday hotspot!

As always some greenery is key to make any space feel organic and warm.

So, you guys, that is it! I would love to hear what you think of Tricia’s new kitchen design. If you haven’t already, head over to the Home Tours page and have a look at the walkthrough of the kitchen and my first time seeing it! Just click the link below xx



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