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Top Interior Design Trends For 2017

When I was back in Ireland last week my appreciation for a hot sunny day in our beautiful Éire spiralled. Even with living in sunny Spain for the past few months summer did not officially happened for me until the arrival of Mr Sammy to Ireland :) The long evenings and everyone’s rush to wear summer shorts and dusting off the barbeques at the 20degree notch is such a good vibe and the Irish do it best. FACT!!!

It made me start thinking what trends should we be looking out for in our homes this summer? With that, I have decided to a whole series on the interior design trends for summer 2017. How excited are you?

This week I am going to concentrate on what trends are already out and what is being predicted for 2017.  Then throughout the month, I will show you how to incorporate these trends into your home for summer :) and of course, I am going to see where the best places to shop for these trends are.

So please have a read of the Top Interior Design Trends For 2017!

#1. Colour

PHOTO: Courtesy of Nateberkus

Okay, you are probably by now sick to death of hearing about the Pantone colour of the year, but it would not be a trends list if it wasn’t included! Greenery is not only a massive change from 2016’s pastel hues from Rose Quartz & Serenity, it is a brilliant and bright option for summer! It did meet some mixed reactions when announced, however. Editor-in- chief at Elle magazine actually tweeted ‘’So not feeling it’ when it was announced…Harsh much?? Buttt Style So Simple is all for it! Goodbye pastel hue… hello vibrant colour! The soft yellow-green colour just feels refreshing and it works great in both outdoor spaces and interiors. Love it!

#2. New Opulence

PHOTO: Courtesy of Anthropologie

Glam is major for 2017, but before you start thinking Vegas glitz or TOWIE (I actually love both Vegas and TOWIE but not in my interior Oh nooo!!!), step back, this is all about refinement and class. This summer we will see the shift from the muted hues of 2016 to more vibrant tones with gold and brass (check out 12 simple ways to incorporate satin brass into your home here) appearing in sophisticated details. Think lush velvets, reflective mirrored surfaces Jewel tones and Metallics. That is sure to add charm to our interiors!

#3. House Plants

PHOTO: Courtesy of Elledecoration

Pinterest has revealed the indoor plant trend as one of the most shared interior trends for 2017 so this trend has already taken off. There is already a big move to organic and nature this year, mainly due to our major fascination with technology. Many designers and homeowners are opting for a more back to basic look. I honestly love this, plants in an interior to me only seem like a plus, visually, physically and mentally. I know from experience of moving into so many new apartments that usually don’t quite feel like home, adding a plant and a few flowers always makes the space feel more homely.

#4. Tropical Prints

PHOTO: Courtesy of Thejungalow

We already saw on the fashion runway this year the bold tropical prints were huge. You will see this rippling down into interior design also. Now I know this can seem scary, greenery as the colour of the year mixed with house plants mixed with tropical prints!!! Ahhh it’s looking like a super green year! Haha but all in moderation looks well! I will go into detail this month on how to make all these trends work in your interior for summer without making your home look like a jungle

#5. Texture

PHOTO: Courtesy of Homebeautiful

Again, tapping into the natural trend of 2017 texture is going to be really important this summer and year. This will be showcased in interiors from fabrics, wallpapers, lighting fixtures to throws and cushions. This is a beautiful trend and my favourite for 2017. Mixing fabrics and adding textures to an interior always makes a space more comfortable and inviting. This is essential in my opinion when using the 2017 colour Greenery. Even with the warm yellow hues in Greenery, the unpredictable Irish weather, and grey sky’s an interior could look slightly cold if texture and ‘warmer’ items are not added. I will go through this in more detail during the rest of the month.

What’s on your interior trends list for Summer 2017? Let me know in the comments below. xx

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