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Top 5 IKEA Hacks for 2017

Following on from last weeks blog ‘8 IKEA Products Interior Designers Swear By‘ I have compiled a list of the best IKEA hacks of 2017. Well the best hacks so far, I’ll update the list later in the year. For now, I just love all of these and hope you do too!

Personally, I think the best IKEA hacks turn basic pieces into something that looks absolutely high-end and unique, masking the straight off the shelf look… You want something that leaves people asking, “Where did you find that beautiful ______?!” Ohh this old thing?  I got it in ‘el’IKEA!’

#1 MALM Bed Frame

Image Credit: Sugar and Cloth

Okay, this is a MUST try IKEA hack! No drills needed and I am soo in!!! Shout out to Sugar and Cloth for her clever idea on transforming the IKEA MALM from a simply block coloured bed to a new rustic chic look! This hack is a favourite of mine as there is very little woodwork involved and to eliminate any woodwork all you need to do is replace the stinkwood for vinyl wood effect panels from your local B&Q. Love it! Check out the how-to on Sugar and cloth.

#2 BILLY Bookcase

Image Credit: The Makerista

This is such and amazing hack created by Gwen Hefner, the ‘Jane of all trades’ and decor blogger behind The Makerista. Gwen has transformed the IKEA BILLY bookcase into a beautiful built in bookcase. What I especially love about this hack is that it has been designed in such a way that it looks like an original piece of furniture in the historic home.  Now I know this hack is a bit more of a tricky one, you may even have to call the carpenter in, buuttt if you are built-in bookcase type of gal or guy you will know that they don’t come cheap! So this hack is definitely one to keep stored! I know I will be using it!!! You will find all her DIY deets are here.

#3 RAST 3 Drawer Chest

I love the IKEA RAST chest. The unfinished pine wood makes it the perfect blank canvas for a bit of creativity. There is sooo much that can be done with this piece I had to show two options!

Opt 1: Keep it Chic and Simple

Image Credit: Armelle Blog

Simply paint the RAST Chest in a sleek white paint and add some gold pulls for a classic and unique bedside table. Check out talented Armelle’s blog for the full how-to. Opt 2: Classic Navy

Image Credit: Cleverly Simple

How cute is this one!!! I am obsessed with navy at the moment! Lynette from the Cleverly Simple blog made the IKEA RAST completely her own by just swapping out the top draw for a cut little cubby space! Get the how-to on Cleverly Simple.


Image Credit: Life at Home

So with this LERBERG/LINNMON table, there is one very simple and inexpensive hack you can do to transform the table into a luxe makeup station or desk. Simple add marble-printed contact paper (You can get this on amazon) to give your table a stylish makeover. And voila — you now have an IKEA-chic desk! For more info go to Life at Home.

#5 KALLAX Shelving Unit

Image Credit: Sugar and Cloth

Last but not least! Another great idea from the lovely Sugar and Cloth. Ashley has come up with a step by step guide on how to revamp your IKEA KALLAX Shelving Unit into a cute bar cart!… ahhh love it!!! This one will give you some major hostess points! See how it is done here.

As always, comment below and let me know if you like theses hacks or have any of your own you would like to share!

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