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The Perfect Trend For Summer 2017 – New Opulence

2016 was all about pastel shades and rose gold. Soft and subtle tones are still beautiful. But they have had their day in the sun :) This year’s New Opulence trend will feature rich velvets and velours mixed with radiant golds and brass throughout 2017.

As mentioned in my previous blog (Top Interior Design Trends For 2017) this trend is leaning to class and vintage and majorly avoiding anything brash or overbearing. We all love a bit of Bling, but to get this trend right it has to be left to your jewellery.

But how do we incorporate this into our home for the summer? What are the best features of this trend to use? I have picked my two favourite aspects of the New Opulence trend below that are perfect for summer. Also, I have selected some B-E-A-UTIFUL furniture pieces and decor items that are sure to capture this trend in any interior :)

So if you would like to incorporate the New Opulence trend into your home or even just want a bit of design inspiration, please have a read and enjoy xxx

#1 Lush Velvet.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Anthropologie & Decoist

Velvet is everywhere at the moment! You just need to have a quick glance on Pinterest or look through design magazines to see this trend is already in! This chic fabric is not just a major player in the New Opulence trend it is also the perfect addition to your home for summer! Now that we have our material now we need to think colour. Of course, I would usually recommend green for 2017 as it is the Pantone colour of the year, but since I just did a blog on all the ways to use greenery in your home, I said I would mix it up a bit! I would highly suggest you go with a deep blue. This is also a great colour for 2017! Now if you are hoping for something a bit more light for the summer months, worry not, I have thought of you too! Pink velvet and teal look amazing! Pair these with an eclectic mix of different textures… think large throws and plush cushions and you’ve smoothly combined two of 2017’s biggest trends! New Opulence trend with the Texture trend… (so smug and stylish) I have selected a few pieces that look great in velvet and they also happen to be perfect for creating a summer feeling!

Shop the Look 1: Ottoman, 2: Ottoman, 3: Cushion, 4: Dining Chair, 5: Pouf, 6: Lamp Shade, 7: Side Chair.

#2 Adding the finer details…Gold!

PHOTO: Courtesy of abeautifulmess

This is my FAVOURITE feature to this trend and is a must for summer! The main materials you are going to see this year are going to be brass and gold. Since I already wrote a blog on how to add satin brass into your home, I said I better not yap on about it again to you

Sooo I am looking into gold with some summer zest… Yeah, Fun!! Now the simplest way to incorporate this into you home for summer is with smaller furniture pieces and accessories.  I like to call this the finishing touches in your home. Adding the finishing touches to a home is what makes the space a well-designed interior. There is nothing worse as an Interior Designer to see a home 90% finished. That last 10% of decor is soooo important!!! But it gets left out or forgotten by many. I think people feel like the design is done once the walls are painted and the sofa is purchased…It’s not!!! Adding the decor is what brings the individuality and heart into an interior. So have a look at the items below to help you add the New Opulence trend to your interior and also add character to your home.

Shop the Look 1: Plant Hanger, 2: Table Lamp, 3: Hanging Mirror, 4: Lanterns, 5: Bar Cart, 6: Side Tables, 7: Vases

Tadaa!! That’s it! Are you planning to incorporate this trend into your home? Please share if you do!  xx

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