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The Design Rules You Should Never Break

When designing your home the biggest challenge I see my clients face is where to start.   With anything creative, it can be a daunting task as there are no set rules or guidelines to follow.  At the end of the day, it is your style and taste that you want to showcase in your home.    But there are one or two design pointers that can help you get started and have a seamless finish.

I have created a little list of the classic design rules to never ever break. This can be a helpful starting point for any interior task whether you are an experienced designer or you have found yourself stumbled into the role with a new home revamp :)

What Are The Rules For Hanging Art Work?

Before hanging anything on the wall you should do a little prep work first. The best way to see where artwork should be hung is just around eye level. If you are working with a smaller ceiling then you need to raise the artwork up a bit to give the illusion of height.  

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If you are going to try a gallery wall just remember frames that the size looks best when hung in a uniform grid.    If you are working with a lot of different sizes the rule of thumb is to have one large centre frame surrounded by a variety of size images.     Now if all of this is just too much and you are like.. What the hell is she on about, just get the IKEA frame wall sets :) This is a life saver in creating that perfect frame wall :)

Get The Correct Curtain Length For Your Space

It is a classic design failure that I see in sooo many houses. Hanging curtains that are too short is the same as wearing jeans that are too short.. So let’s see how to avoid this :)

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The 3 Golden Rules for Curtains are:

#1 Lenght is key: Unless you are hanging in a commercial interior always bring your curtains to the floor. Even a little more, having a small gather at the end is a very elegant look. But if you are conscious of dust or dirt then stop the fabric just before they hit the floor.

#2 Curtain pole placement: Hang the placement pole halfway between the window and the ceiling. Hanging the curtains higher will make your window appear taller. If you do not have too much space between your windows and the ceiling, hang the rod closer to the ceiling rather than the top of the window.

#3 Go wider with more fabric: Give yourself at least 20cm to 30cm wider than the window for your curtain pole and do not skimp on the fabric. The last thing you want is no gather when your curtains are closed!

Rug Size, it is only SUPER MAJORLY Important!

If you have always got the right size rug then you are pretty lucky, size mistake is made by so many, including myself.   Rugs can work out quite costly and they increasingly as you go up in size.

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It can be super tempting to select a smaller size due to the price of even a rug that you just love has just gone on sale but it is slightly smaller then you need.. But you really really love it and want it..PUT THE RUG DOWN!    Using the wrong scale for a rug will completely distort your whole room.   If you select a rug that is too small it will make the rug look bland and if you select a rug that is too big it will completely take over the space while also making the room look smaller…

So, everyone that is it, I hope you enjoyed my little design rules :) or pointers I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

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