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Style So Simples – Top 5 Stylish Picks From Harvey Norman

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Is it just me or has Harvey Norman completely upped its game in the interiors department over the last year? Or am I just late to the know how? Well, whichever and whenever I am now a major fan!

From finishing decor items to sofas and AMAZING rugs, the Harvey Norman buyers are really giving other interior stores a run for there moola. Well, I think so anyways

So with my new love for Harvey Norman Interiors, I am going to share my three must buys :) .... Enjoy!

#1 Sofa Option:

Studio Medium Sofa| Colour Options

Price: €1,399

#2 Mirror Option:

Wooden Mirror | Medium

Price: €380

#3 Lighting Option:

Clear Glass & Champagne Metal Table Lamp

Price: €150

#4 Rug Option:

Logan Rug Cream With Grey Lines | 160x230cm

Price: €270

#5 Statement Piece:

Contour Sideboard

Starting Price: €1,979

Has anyone else been falling in love with the interiors in Harvey Norman? Let me know your thoughts and have a fab weekend!! 

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