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Style So Simple’s – Top 5 interior design trends for Autumn 2017

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

A few weeks ago I did a round-up of the interior design trends for 2017 and also how to make them work in your home for summer. But now as we say goodbye to Sammy sun and make our way into autumn. We need to look at what trends we will be working with for this new season.

I love looking into trends and seasonal styles, honestly, I think I just love any excuse to re-decorate :) Anyways this week I researched the styles that you will see dominate interior design stores and beautiful homes in the next coming months. FYI it is going to be a rich and vibrant autumn! Yeah! I am so excited to share with you my round-up of autumn interior design trends.

Have a look below and please let me know what you think  xx

#1 Green is still the new black and Brass is still the new copper:

As titled by mydomaine the ‘master of statement furniture’ Anthropologie are a great place to start when looking at trends, no matter what season we are in. As mentioned in my previous blog ‘Top Interior Design Trends For 2017‘ Pantone colour of the year Greenery and Brass finishes are still going to be very much a part of our autumn interiors. For these slightly colder months (hmmm maybe much colder months to you lovely readers in Ireland) We need to think about warming up this vibrant greenery. Velvet is going to be a massive trend for autumn and it is the perfect partner for greenery. It adds that extra cozy feel and warmth that we will be looking for from autumn and through winter.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Anthropologie.

#2 Making me Blush:

So I feel a little left out with this next one. I have honestly just got on the millennial pink trend train. But for fall its all about blush pink. I don’t mind though. Blush is not only the cutest name ever it is also a super cute colour. It is very soft toned and an unobtrusive shade of pink. At first glance, you think little girls room. But from looking around over the last few weeks at this new trendy shade I have come across sooo many talented designers using it as a balancing colour in more rustic interiors. An absolutely picturesque combo making the interior look chicer rather than teeny.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Theline

#3 Velvet:

As mentioned above velvet is huge for autumn and predicted for the winter months too. We just have to look at the catwalks from New York Fashion Week and see that velvet is very much so in! Velvet is a great way to add warmth and a luxurious ambience to your interior. But again from looking at the catwalks, I am predicting that velvet will not just be showcased in soft tones like the cute little blush pink but also the complete opposite. As this is a warm texture we have the opportunity to go for bold and rich colours. Think royal blue or even more bright and cheery tones like ochre yellow… Oohh the options are endless!

PHOTO: Courtesy of Entermyattic

#4 Back to Nature and Texture is still a big deal:

Again we have to look back to the key players in ‘Interior Design Trends For 2017”. Texture may have popped up once or twice in the summer trends blogs.

So if you did go out and purchase some beautifully textured décor you are already on trend for autumn. Textured and more natural materials are going to be as important and if not more for autumn. Woven style decor materials are going to be everywhere this autumn. Again this was a major trend for summer and it looks like it is going to continue. Even minimal interiors will start to see texture peaking in. Check out the beautiful hallway design below by studio-lifestyle. This is a very minimal and light space. The texture pendants are not usual for this style of interior. But it works sooo well! Personally, I feel without the textured pendants the hallway would look bare and unfinished. What do you think?

PHOTO: Courtesy of Studio-lifestyle

#5 Matte Black Accessories:

Now, this is one I did not see coming. Black Matt home accessories. But I am kinda loving it. The matte finish gives it this near avant-garde vibe to the standard home wear cutlery. It looks great on kitchen cabinets, lighting, chair frames and door handles… ahh, The list goes on and I am now a little bit obsessed!  

PHOTO: Courtesy of Threebirdsrenovations

Tadaa!! That’s it! Do you think you will incorporate any of these trends into your home? Please share if you do!  xx

Lots of love from Style So Simple

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