Style So Simple’s Top 5 Interior Design Blogs To Follow In 2018

So it’s 2018, you guys!!! Which means lots and lots of 2018 faves, design predictions, and 2018 must follows! Style So Simple is just a year old and this is the first time I have got to do these blogs!! Sooo I am a little over excited…Sad to some but fun for me :) :)

I am going to start off with the top 10 interior design blogs to follow for 2018. I have super carefully put together a list of interior design blogs that are sure to help offer not only inspiration but also tips on how to bring your own style into your home.

Five of these design blogs are my personal faves that I honestly think help me learn something new about design every time I read one of their articles. Next fortnight I will share  5 more of the all-time essential design blogs that everyone needs to be following.

So guys a new year, new reading list and new inspiration…lets do it!!!


#1 Lamb Design

Image Source: lambinspriation/insta

Best for Chirldrens interiors and Nordic Style.

Let’s start this little follow train with a good auld Irish design entrepreneur :) Emma and Christina are the founders of Lamb design; an Irish interior store specialising in paired back well-crafted furniture. With this, the two still find time to write their lamb blog. :)

#2 Studio Mcgee 

Image Source: studiomcgee/insta

Best for styling and trend tips, which you can see on the Mcgees webisodes too!! Like I am actually obsessed :) :)

This couple from Utah, Shea and Syd, have such a great sense of style. If you like rustic but refined interiors with lots of layering and texture then this is the perfect part of the web for you. Shea Mcgee is by far one of my favourite interior designers. Like, I would not be opposed to moving to Utah just to hang with this chick and pick her design brain!

#3 Bre Purposed

Image Source: brepurposed/insta

Best for the true and honest design of Bres own home.

So my love for Bre started with a simple Instagram post, then a second, then a third until it was true design love! Every image and design this lady has done and I am in awe! So I checked her blog out which is also quite a GREAT read!

#4 April and the Bear

Image Source: aprilandthebear/insta

Best for DIY and Siobhan’s own home projects.

Another innovative Irish designer that I just can’t get enough of. Siobhan Lam has an ease of reading style to her blog with some very interesting design ideas…LOVE

#5 Decor8

Image Source:

Best for new ideas in interior design.

Okay, so this is a little different from the previous 4 but a must to expand our design brains and really see what different innovative interiors are out there. But why do I personally love Decor8? Its always got an interior that is otherwise not featured in most design blogs and they also have great design tips that again are not seen in most other blogs. Love it!

So guys that is it for my personal favourite interior design blogs you need to follow for the year. For my next blog I will share the must follow interior blogs to keep your design eyes open :)

Happy New Year Everyone xxx