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Style So Simple’s – Must Try Christmas Decorating Ideas

Hello Everyone! I have been majorly MIA over the last month. I was away on a project in St. Louis and did not get a minute to think about blogging! I am heading back tomorrow so to make sure I will not be MIA again and forget about my little part of the internet I have written a two-parter on decorating ideas for Christmas. I do not care that it is still November ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!! Excited? Yup, me too xx  

Now, these blogs will not be about the standard tree decor. I am going to share my fave ideas that are a little different. We all know we have to decorate our tree, but what about the rest of the house? This week I am going to show you some of my favourite ideas I have seen on Pinterest and other blogs. In two weeks I am going to share my favourite more low key and simple decor  ideas we all need to try this Christmas.

Also if there are any decor ideas you have seen that you want me to explore, just leave a comment below and I will look into it for you .

The Entry:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Ninahendrick.

For me, when it comes to Christmas, I think every room should have a touch of something festive. It does not stop at the Christmas tree!! Add a lush garland, presents, and cushions to your hallway to make people feel festive from the minute they walk into your home.  

Dress up your sofa:

PHOTO: Courtesy of Beautifullyseaside.

  So simple with such a big impact! I actually never saw adding new cushions for Christmas as a big deal until I visiting my boyfriend’s house for Christmas one year and was like “Ohhhh my God”! Little, joyful, and festive cushions are so inexpensive and sooo super cute!!

Get Crafty!

PHOTO: Courtesy of Masonjarcraftslove.

Okay, mason jars, tin cans there is sooo much you can do with these. So, before you head to the recycling bin grab your kids grab your friends and try painting one. Add a little candle and voila!!! You have just completed your first Christmas DIY decor!!! Okay, here‘s a link for some better instructions... But it is actually super easy… and dare I say a little fun! xx

Mini-me, mini you, mini tree:

PHOTO: Courtesy of

Again, Christmas comes but once a year (see what I did there) let’s make the whole house a festive treat! Add mini tress to bedrooms. Holiday guests will especial appreciate this.

As always, thank you so much for reading the blog and I hope you have got some inspiration. If you do decide to try and re-create one of these decor ideas please share xxxx

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