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Mini Weekend Makeovers for your Kitchen.. That are simple and affordable!

Hey Everyone!! I hope you are all having a great weekend and for those of you in Ireland, I hope you guys are keeping warm and having fun with this cray cray snow! Before I dive into my Mini makeover ideas I have to mention how bad I have been for blogging over the last few weeks.

I have never been so busy with little Style So Simple, which I am delighted about and by golly I aint complaining about it… but with that,  my little corner of the internet has been slightly neglected. 

So in keeping with having just a little bit of time  :) Let’s explore some mini makeovers for your Kitchen that can be completed over a mere weekend... Or maybe a snow day or two :)

Paint your kitchen cabinets:

Image Credit: Neptune

Even just an average kitchen can get a kick with a small paint lift! Before you go down the road of changing your kitchen look into painting it.. This will completely transform the space.  

Pop up a tile backsplash:

Image Credit: stylebyemilyhenderson

So this one may seem a bit tricky..but it really isn’t and by installing a new tile backsplash to your kitchen will really change to overall look and feel of the interior. Check out how Hannah from Seeds and Stitches popped up a tile backsplash to her kitchen for some more inspo xx  

Change the cabinet hardware:

Image Credit: elizabethlawsondesign

Changing the handles in your kitchen will give the interior a whole new look.. This is defo my fave DIY.. minimal effort for maximum impact, ahhhh yup that is right up my street!  

So guys that is it! I hope this has added a little design inspo to your weekend xx

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