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Make Your Interior Pop For Summer 2017 With Tropical Prints

With Pantone choosing vibrant greenery as the colour of the year for 2017, to Pinterest revealing that the houseplant trend has been one of the most shared interior trends for 2017, and now tropical prints making their way to the forefront, 2017 is shaping up to be a super green year! This is all in linking with the search to bring the outside in and get a bit closer to nature! We will see a rise of experimenting with all things tropical; from plants (link) to bold prints in wallpaper and designer fabrics. This is a trend that is sure to make your interior pop for summer!

Personally, I am loving all these daring and lively changes for 2017. But don’t worry if such in-your-face prints are out of character for you, below I will explore ways to bring this trend into your interior both confidently and delicately :)

So please, sit back and enjoy the read ...

Wallpaper: Being Loud doesn’t mean tacky!!

Yes, these prints are loud. But that but doesn’t mean they have to be tacky and overbearing. Many of these bold tropical prints scream glamour and you can also go for more subtle muted prints if you are not ready to take the leap into the jungle fever trend. Have a look below to see my favourite ways to transform your space with tropical wallpaper.

#1. Balance a bold wallpaper with more natural furniture, accessories and retro mid-century furniture for a fun and stylish appeal.

PHOTO: Courtesy of barkerandstonehouse

#2. Go for more turquoise tones mixed with gold and pale pink accents for a more feminine feel.

PHOTO: Courtesy of sugarandcloth

#3. For a more sophisticated look go for darker tones in your print.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Etsy

#4. Okay, I know Cacti is out, but oh my god, I love this print! It will add a pop of colour to any interior without being overbearing. You can get this exact print on Etsy and it’s a removable wallpaper! Click here to buy.

PHOTO: Courtesy of circu

#5. So this isn’t actually a wallpaper, it’s a watercolour mural, but I had to show it! It’s a great example of how a tropical print can feel bright and airy and not be too overwhelming in an interior.

PHOTO: Courtesy of wldrnessa


A simple way to add this trend is to incorporate it cushions, bedding or curtains. You can go as little or as much as you want with this eclectic trend. Personally, I would take one or two items and have them mixed with a more pared back interior to the perfect level or jungalow!

#1. A simple way to get this trend now is to pick up some bed sheets with a beautiful print! If you just want a touch of this trend, keep the remaining decor in the interior simple. However, if you are looking for more of a rustic feel keep the walls bare and add some textured accessories.

PHOTO: Courtesy of bocadolobo

#2. Add a few cushions with tropical plant and textures accessories in neutral interior to get a perfect balance.

PHOTO: Courtesy of homedeco

#3. Be a bit more adventurous and add a printed curtains with printed cushions for a more is more feel!

PHOTO: Courtesy of H&M

Prints and Accessories

As mentioned in the ‘How To Use Greenery In Your Home For Summer 2017‘ a few weeks ago. A simple idea to add both trends is to introduce a few tropical prints to the interior. It is inexpensive and easy! There are also some fantastic tropical themed accessories out there at the moment. Remember, to get this trend right you don’t need to go green with everything tropical. Not everyone will want to see palm leaves and pineapples in their interior for the whole year, so accessorise! You do not need to re-design your whole interior just to integrate a trend. Look for tropical accents that will complement your existing interior scheme instead.

#1. Adding prints and art gives you the option to go vibrant or simple with this trend. If you are looking for a more minimalist style go for a sketchy style print.

PHOTO: Courtesy of mydeerartshop

#2. You can pick up sooo many tropical themed accessories now in a range of colours. Go for white to fit any and every interior.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Etsy

#3. I love this one from Anthropologie. You can get your brass trend and plant trend in this little gem! How stylish are we?!

PHOTO: Courtesy of anthropologie

#4. Oh, the shower curtain! The best place to bring you trend in for the renter
Tropical prints fit beautifully in a neutral white bathroom and really vamp the humble lavatory up!!

PHOTO: Courtesy of H&M and Amazon

Okay, so that is it, guys! Hope you got some inspiration for tropical trends!

Lots of love from Style So Simple Irelands first Online Interior Design platform xx  

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