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How To Make IKEA Look Expensive..Designer Secrets

I spent the month of July in Ireland and had no less than five yes FIVE trips to the lovely IKEA and as I was yapping all last week about their new collection. Why not keep the theme going? After using IKEA in so many projects from chic commercial interiors to first-time apartment owners, I have learned a few tricks on how to make their pieces worthy of an interior designed room… So, this week I am going to let you guys in on a few simple designer secrets to make your IKEA products look expensive.

For those of you who fear DIY don’t worry, this is not a hack blog this is simply my tried and tested tips to make IKEA not look so IKEA  xxx  Enjoy xxx

1. The Living Room: The sneaky cover up …

Many of IKEA’s armchair and sofa have been designed with a perfect timeless frame but the fabric can be sometimes a little give away on their price point.  So just change the cover! Click here for some fab IKEA ready chair cover!

PHOTO: Courtesy of bemz

2. When it comes to rugs winter or summer layer it on… 

This is my go to in many interiors…who said you can only have one rug in a room?? Layer your rugs for an instant uplift in your space!!! I am a major fan or the flat woven OSTED rug paired with the Sheepskin LUDDE rug… This combo is the perfect amount of texture and luxe to spice up an interior.

Photo: Courtesy of blog.westelm

3. The Bedroom: Incorporate vintage and you! 

IKEA’S bedroom collections are a great base and starting point to your room. Their design is usually minimal and clean lined. Now, this is good but you need to know how to work it into your interior. Again, it’s all about layering and the finishing touches… Adding art is a super easy way to create a contrast in the interior and it is a great way to bring your personality to the space. With IKEA’S or so perfect clean lines, my go to is mixing them with a not so perfect décor item like an antique mirror. This instantly brings your design up a notch. See? Simple! :) xx

Photo: Courtesy of fineinteriors

5. The Kitchen: It is all in the Detail…

This is an easy one… IKEA has a great range of cabinet doors to choose from. I have linked my favourites herehere … Add interest to the cabinets by buying your own hardware. This is what will stand out in your kitchen most and give it an expensive feel. Check out this hardware it would go beautifully with the above cabinets….ammmm love it!

Photo: Courtesy of beckiowens

So what did you think guys? Do you have any little tricks you use on your IKEA purchases to vamp them up?

As the new IKEA range is coming into the Dublin store on August 15th I will do a blog next few weeks on the best pieces and collections to keep an eye out for :)

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