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Interior Designers You Need To Follow On Instagram!

Before the internet, we used to rely on tear-outs from magazines to get our home inspiration.  I do still enjoy reading a good Interiors mag but thank god we now have the option of Pinterest and Instagram for this! The different online platforms offer different insights to Interior Design.

This week I will be focusing on Instagram as I love the way we get a beautifully finished photo of Interiors with some personal insight into the designer/designers. You see Interior Designers are now using Instagram not only to showcase their work but also the trials and tribulations of the design process…making following Interior Designers on Insta really interesting and also a great way to see and learn from them!

But when scrolling through Instagram there can be, dare I say, too much choice and it can be super overwhelming. So to help you with your daily Instagram inspo, I have listed my top Interior Designers to follow. These are the designers I check in with when having my morning coffee and I can promise you they never disappoint.

#1 Homepolish:


While ‘Making the world a better space’ Homepolish are also available to fill your Instagram feed with amazing inspo from their latest projects. It’s great to see what is being done all across America from this beautiful Instagram account. Oh, and they are an Online Interior Design company…how so super innovative they are :) Style: Everything!  

#2 The Design Chaser:


Michelle Halford, a.k.a. The Design Chaser,  is a writer, blogger and stylist. Her Instagram gives us a glimpse into designs she is personally undertaking in her newly built home, this is why I love Instagram you get to see more about the face behind the designer as well as fabulously designed interiors. Style:  Nordic  

#3 Emily Henderson:


The LA-based stylist Emily Henderson shows us everything from interior design ideas, styling inspiration and above all how to add personality to a space! All on her Instagram page! Ohh how I LOVE this lady. Style: Eclectic  

#4 My Scandinavian Home:


Founder and content creator Niki has created an Instagram page showcasing beautiful home tours with a nudge to Nordic styles, with that we get a sneak peek into many of the most stylish homes in northern Europe… Lucky us!!! Style:  Nordic  

#5 The Stylephiles


Theses ladies are all about creating beautiful spaces and visiting incredible places. Their feed is a mix of different interior styles from around the world that is sure to get your design juices flowing. Style: Everything!  

#6 Style So Simple.


Okay, so I am obviously going to mention the Style so simple Instagram feed, but the Instagram is pretty AMAZING…you get to view interiors from around the world while also seeing how the first online Interior Design company in Ireland is starting off. Oh, and there might be some pug photos ..maybe one or two… Look at it really…you will LOVE it :) :)

Style: Everything!  

Have you got a major Interior Design crush that I didn’t mention? Write a comment below and let me know if I have missed anyone.

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