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How To Update Your Home For Airbnb

Airbnb has gotten so popular among renter’s and homeowners who want to earn some extra dolla dolla, but how do you prep your home for Airbnb guests? What will make your interior bring you from standard host to super host? There are many in’s and outs of having a successful Airbnb; from a warm welcome to good coffee in the mornings. But above all Airbnb guests choose their room to rent from the most eye-catching interiors on the site. Along with the reviews of course.

I am sure everyone here is going to be a super lovely host and only need’s help with sprucing up their interior. To achieve an eye-catching interior that is guest friendly I have shared some interior updating tips to start you on your Airbnb rise to super host :)

#1 The Hallway

Image Source: Studio-Mcgee

First things first, when planning to share your home on Airbnb you need to take a walk through your space and ask yourself “What could I add or change to make guests feel more comfortable?” For a successful Airbnb, your guests need to be able to relax and feel like they are at home. The hallway is usually the first room your guests enter when they arrive at your home so it needs to be not only pleasing to the eye but also inviting. Adding a console table with plants will give the space a focal point and try adding a floor runner for extra warmth.

#2 The Living Room

Image Source: Leclair-Decor

Like any apartment or home, if you do not want to do a complete re-design but your home needs to be updated, the best thing to do is change your soft furnishings. You can completely transform a space by changing the pillows, throws, and rugs. If you do not have rugs in your interior add them! They will bring warmth and a cosy vibe to your space that will separate you from standard to super host!

#3 Add Personal Touches

Let your guests get to know you. Place some of your fave books on a coffee table. This not only makes the space feel lived in and comfortable it also allows your guests to see a little bit of your personality.It’s always good to add a personal touch to your Airbnb. This will make your guest feel like they know you a little better and therefore more relaxed in your home.  

#4 Bare walls no more!

Of course, one or two bare walls are okay, but always try to add a little design flair to one wall in each room for you and your guests to admire. Frame walls and art are a great way to add in colour without going over the top. If you are a travel lover yourself then adding photos of your travels is another great way to add colour and character to the interior and one that most Airbnb guests will appreciate.

Image Source: Amber-Interiors

#5 The Bedroom (your guest’s personal space in your home)

Keep the bedroom neutral and airy. Think hotel-esque without being to fancy. You want your guests to feel completely at home. To do this keep the majority of the space neutral. This means, walls, floors and bedding. For the living room to get some extra style points add a nice rug, accent pillows, art, throw blankets and keep the bedsheets matching

  I have picked my faves below that are perfect for Airbnb.

Image Source: Studio-Mcgee

#6 Be Generous With The Pillows

There is nothing more annoying than a teeny tiny pillow to rest your super weary head on! So don’t be tight on the pillows always add two per guest :)

#7 Repaint

If your space is in need of a re-paint just bite the bullet and do it. The last thing you want is for your guests to be staring at drab and flakey walls. Remember as you are now painting to suit your tastes and your Airbnb guest paint in neutral hues. White does not have to be boring. It is the perfect tone to make your walls sit nicely as a backdrop to your interior instead of popping out and overtaking the space.

Style So Simples favourite whites:

Image Source: Farrow&Ball


#8 Linens and Towels – Small details go along way.

Make sure you provide your guest with some good quality linen and towels. It is the number one thing that anyone travelling will give you a major thumb’s up for! Place the towels on the bed to add that hotel-esque feel. You could even go a little further and add a little chocolate or soap on the towel! Cute!!!!    

#9 Lighting:

Creating a comfortable ambience is key to creating a comfortable interior. So for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways make sure you have some nice table lamps or floor lamps. This is especially important in your Airbnb guest bedroom. Having a bedside cabinet with a light adds an extra layer of comfort for your Airbnb guests. Think which would you prefer, laying on the bed reading with the main light on or laying on the bed reading with a nicely lite table lamp? Your guests will prefer the table lamp too :)

Image Source: Studio-Mcgee

So everyone that is my profesh opinion on how to update any home for Airbnb! I hope all you Airbnb hosts and host hopefuls found it helpful :)

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