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How to Hire and Interior Design on a Budget

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

As an Interior Designer, one of the most common questions I’m asked by friends and clients who are looking to revamp their home is ‘How much does an interior designer actually cost?

This question always gets me, as just like with clothing, it varies from designer to designer. If you hire an Interior Designer, you will set the budget for furniture and décor at basically any number you’re comfortable with … but the cost for the Interior Design services can easily and quickly rack up, and it can vary greatly. All designers work differently. Some charge an hourly rate (anywhere from €100 to €500 per hour is common), a flat fee which will usually be several thousand, or a percentage of the project costs. This is the common thread for pricing your desired Interior Designer Buuutt, this is now changing!!! A new wave of designers are now working on online platforms. This means the whole interior design service is now affordable and transparent. You pay an upfront fee and Voila! So you actually see your complete design cost at the very start of the design process! This system has worked amazingly well across the pond with design houses such as Homepolish and Homewings. And now there is a new Irish company taking the online route! The Irish start-up Style So Simple is getting on board to take full advantage of this new wave of techy interior design!

Image Source: Homepolish


Okay, these guys were my first online interior design crush, love love love their style! In their own words ‘Homepolish was founded with a simple idea: interior design needed a redesign for the way we live now.’ So they choose to work on an online platform… Ahh kinda love it!!

Image Source: Homewings


So Homewings are based in the UK and founded by Cornelia De Ruiter and her motto is ‘all about making great interior design accessible to the wider market. You don’t have to be well off to have interior design needs. In fact, there’s a huge element of well-being’. This, in a nutshell, sums up for me what Homewings is about. Interior design is not about fancy décor and expensive items. It can be a simple layout change that makes all the difference and as for their designs… Ahhh amazing!!!

Style so simple:

Style So Simple is the first completely online interiors platform in Ireland. With the straight-forward goal of creating gorgeous and beautiful spaces. There is a cliché of the unaffordable Interior Designer with the costly markups, but it is just so unnecessary, it can all be completed online without too much time being consumed and for a fair and relatively low price with zero furniture markups. What the designer says: ‘I get to create my own designs and the client gets great designs for a fair price.’ Simple .

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