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How To Add Texture To Your Home For Summer 2017

So I have been yapping on for weeks now about the best 2017 Interior Design trends and how to use them in your home for summer.  I have loved every minute of it! I actually feel like I have totally converted to bold prints and colour colour colour!!! I will definitely do another series closer to winter on how to incorporate these trends for the winter months…watch this space :)

But to round up this series I am finishing with one of my favourite trends for 2017.  Last year we saw sooo many perfect finishes, hi-gloss and super shiny metallics. But 2017 is mixing it up! Again we are looking back to a more organic and natural vibe in our homes.

So last but not least I will be looking into texture and how to introduce it into your interior for summer!

Texture is part of the finishing touches in your home, which again I am always blabbing about… But only because the finishing touches are sooo so import to complete a good design! After you have selected your paint colours, flooring, and furniture, you will find that your home will still fill unfinished. So, what is it missing?? Depth, personality, and texture! Texture is one of the most important finishing touches that is often forgotten. It is the perfect and simple solution to adding a cozy and individual feel to your home…

But it’s not always easy to figure out how to pull it off, so I have found loads of fun and easy ways to do this. Of course keeping Summer in mind!

As always if you enjoyed the blog and the trends series please leave a comment below :)

#1 Faux Fur

PHOTO: Courtesy of abeautifulmess

Not only is faux fur hugely popular this it is also a great way to add texture to a room. Just add a throw or rug for an instant splash of depth to any space.  Use a neutral tone in this materials in more vibrant summer interiors for a brilliant contrast to your space.

#2 Layered Rugs

PHOTO: Courtesy of theglitterguide & mydomaine

This is so chic right now and so great for summer! Layering your rugs will create a cozy mood in your space. I suggest going with neutral tones and maybe one rug with a little colour. This is to allow the texture of the rug to really pop!

#3 Light Fixtures

PHOTO: Courtesy of veneerdesigns & newdarlings

Adding a pendant light is a wonderful way to texturize your home. Go for a unique or geometric shape to really add depth and contract.

#4 Woven Baskets

PHOTO: Courtesy of archzine & coxandcox

So if you are looking at keeping your space minimal but still want to get into the texture trend, then try some woven baskets. They are pretty cost effective and you get such a great tactile quality from them. They also look fab in more vibrant interiors too.

#5 Wall Hangings

PHOTO: Courtesy of placeofmytaste

This is my favourite way to add texture to your home for summer! They are sooo on trend right now and bring depth and colour to a room in an alternative way. I love them!!!

#6 Plants

PHOTO: Courtesy of elledecoration

Okay I know I have been going cray-cray for plants lately.. but again they are sooo pretty in any room. They are good for our health, they add personality, and they also add texture… amm need a say more?

I hope you enjoyed the blog and are super pumped to texturize your home! If there are any other trends you would like me to look into, let me know!  xx

Lots of love from Style So Simple

Irelands First Online Interior Design platform xx

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